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To Judge or Not to Judge?

ls it really wrong to judge other people? What does that even mean? Most people are clueless that they are taking Jesus' statement, "Judge not..." completely out of context as a club with which to beat others into silence. But is it true? Can we indeed exercise sound judgment? To what end? Join the Truth Barista as he explores this topic.

Does God Exist?

There is a myriad of arguments for and against God's existence (almost as many arguments as coffee recipes...just sayin'.) The Truth Barista looks at God's claim for His own existence from His own Word, a claim that demands a response. Are you ready for a challenge?

The Parable of the Soils

How open are you to God's Word? Did you know that your spiritual condition radically affects how God's word works in you? Yes, God's word is a powerful force all by itself, but YOU can influence whether it thrives or dies within you. Curious? Grab a cuppa joe and take a listen!

Can You Hear Me Now?

Hearing God's voice? Even suggesting that a person can hear God speak would freak a lot of people out! lf they didn't call for an immediate psych evaluation, at the very least they would think the person had a screw loose. And yet, many people, especially Christians, really want to hear from God. The truth is...YOU CAN! Join the conversation and let God speak to you through this episode of The Truth Barista!

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Anxiety. Join the Truth Barista and Larry at the Ersatz Coffee Shop as they talk about anxiety and what God's Word says is a great antidote for worry!

Israel and The Boomerang Effect

Boomerangs. Curious things, right? You throw them away and they come back to you...sometimes the head. Not understanding a boomerang can bring you a world of hurt. Did you know God has His own boomerang? It's called His promise to the nation and people of Israel. Depending how you handle it, God's boomerang will determine how well things will go for you in the long run. Curious? Grab a nice cuppa mud and settle in for a fascinating conversation!

Atheist or Disciple - What Do You Really Believe?

Did you know there are atheists in church? Yup. Practical Atheists. They claim to claim to know and follow Jesus, but live like God doesn't exist! ACTION speaks louder than WORDS! So git off yer butts, Christians, and live what you say! So how do we do that? Take a listen and be challenged!