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To Judge or Not to Judge?

ls it really wrong to judge other people? What does that even mean? Most people are clueless that they are taking Jesus' statement, "Judge not..." completely out of context as a club with which to beat others into silence. But is it true? Can we indeed exercise sound judgment? To what end? Join the Truth Barista as he explores this topic.

Does God Exist?

There is a myriad of arguments for and against God's existence (almost as many arguments as coffee recipes...just sayin'.) The Truth Barista looks at God's claim for His own existence from His own Word, a claim that demands a response. Are you ready for a challenge?

The Parable of the Soils

How open are you to God's Word? Did you know that your spiritual condition radically affects how God's word works in you? Yes, God's word is a powerful force all by itself, but YOU can influence whether it thrives or dies within you. Curious? Grab a cuppa joe and take a listen!

Can You Hear Me Now?

Hearing God's voice? Even suggesting that a person can hear God speak would freak a lot of people out! lf they didn't call for an immediate psych evaluation, at the very least they would think the person had a screw loose. And yet, many people, especially Christians, really want to hear from God. The truth is...YOU CAN! Join the conversation and let God speak to you through this episode of The Truth Barista!

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Anxiety. Join the Truth Barista and Larry at the Ersatz Coffee Shop as they talk about anxiety and what God's Word says is a great antidote for worry!

Israel and The Boomerang Effect

Boomerangs. Curious things, right? You throw them away and they come back to you...sometimes the head. Not understanding a boomerang can bring you a world of hurt. Did you know God has His own boomerang? It's called His promise to the nation and people of Israel. Depending how you handle it, God's boomerang will determine how well things will go for you in the long run. Curious? Grab a nice cuppa mud and settle in for a fascinating conversation!

Atheist or Disciple - What Do You Really Believe?

Did you know there are atheists in church? Yup. Practical Atheists. They claim to claim to know and follow Jesus, but live like God doesn't exist! ACTION speaks louder than WORDS! So git off yer butts, Christians, and live what you say! So how do we do that? Take a listen and be challenged!

Bible Prophecy, The Big Scary Deal Part 1

As requested! The Truth Barista and Larry talk about Bible Prophecy - the Big Scary Deal! Yup, we start with what Bible prophecy is and how to figure it out. In the rest of the series, the Truth Barista serves up a steamy cuppa God's truth about Jesus' End Time prophecy found in Matthew 24. You're not gonna want to miss one episode. Fasten your seat belts, grab a triple espresso, and hang on!

Bible Prophecy, The Big Scary Deal Part 2

Here we go! Using the principles discussed in the first episode, the Truth Barista and Larry examine Jesus' famous Olivet Discourse, i.e. a prophecy Jesus spoke to His disciples on the Mount of Olives (east of Jerusalem, overlooking the city) just days before His crucifixion. This prophecy deals with events that would happen in the near future, over time, and at the Dreaded End Times! Jesus' prophecy was accurate and was fulfilled about 40 years after His death and resurrection. Ready for a wild ride? Buckle up and take a listen!

Bible Prophecy, The Big Scary Deal Part 3

The Truth Barista and Larry the Kitchen Guy (aka the Amazing Larry!) continue their discussion about Bible Prophecy. In this episode, the Dynamic Duo examine Jesus' Mount of Olives Prophecy Seminar and the "interim" events, i.e. the events between the Roman take-down of Jerusalem up through our day. Could the End Times be around the corner? Could they be staring us in the face?

Bible Prophecy, The Big Scary Deal Part 4

This is it! The Truth Barista moves into the End Time part of Jesus' Mount of Olives prophecy. Using the tools he shared on how to interpret and apply Bible prophecy, the Truth Barista looks at the End Times as prophesied by Jesus and together with the Amazing Larry (the kitchen guy), they raise the Big Scary Question...Are we in the End Times? (*cue ominous music*) Take a listen and decide for yourself.

Bible Prophecy, The Big Scary Deal Part 5

And now...THE BIG WRAP-UP!! The Truth Barista completes his discussion with the Amazing Larry (the Kitchen Guy) of Jesus' Mount Olive End Times Sermon (Matthew 24). In this episode, the Truth Barista hits the final prophesied events leading up to and occurring Jesus' return. Could they be happening now? What if they are? What should we do? Take a listen!

So, Where DO We Go When We Die?

Undeniable truth of life! Barring Jesus' return, there ain't nobody getting out of this life alive! Yes, everybody WILL eventually die. Watch a movie you saw as a young kid and note how many of those actors and actresses are now gone! When we're young, most of us think we're invincible and indestructible. Then reality hits! A family member or a close friend dies. If it's an untimely death in our eyes, that is they seemed way too young, the reality check is often very distressing. Then comes the question...Where do we go when we die? The Bible has the answer.

Christians and God's Law

How Important Is It? Christianity sprang from Judaism in the first century. Jesus was a Jew, the disciples were Jewish, the first century community of believers were primarily Jewish. The cornerstone of Israel's covenant with God is the terms of their relationship - the Torah or Law. So, does the Torah/Law still pertain to the outgrowth of Judaism now called Christianity? MANY Christians misunderstand what the "Law" is and have been taught that it no longer pertains to them, except that it shows them how terribly awful people are and their need for Jesus. Well...that is a part of it, and there is truth to that, but it isn't the primary part. The Truth Barista and Larry invite you to join the discussion on the Christian and God's Law: How Important Is It? Guaranteed, you'll be challenged!

The Love One Anothers

How To Show Love To All People!  Ahhhhh, love! What a great feeling! But love is far greater than a feeling according to God's truth. Love is BEING loving. Love is a choice. How do we know what it means to love another? God's word has a LOT to say about being loving - just take a gander at all the "one anothers" in the Bible. Join the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry as they talk about this very important topic!

Faith Like Gold!

So...why did Jesus use pictures so much when He taught? It was a common practice among the teachers (the rabbis) of His day. Teaching with pictures uses everyday objects to reveal deeper spiritual truths and stamps those truths on us in a very powerful way! For example, the Bible talks about our faith being like gold. If so, then what do the properties of gold teach us about trusting God? Listen in and be encouraged as the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry toss around the pictures that speak so powerfully of our faith in God!

Leprosy of the Mouth

Evil Speech.  Did you know that almost everyone suffers from the same seemingly incurable disease? Nope, it's not halitosis ("bad breath"). It's Leprosy of the Mouth! Yes, a deadly disease that causes "death" and destruction wherever it is spread and is usually shared with ease, EVEN WELCOMED! Curious? Want a vaccination against this all-too-common plague? Grab a cup 'o joe, sit yerself down, and take a listen. Oh...and pull in your toes. Otherwise, you might get them stepped on.

The Power of a Transformed Life

And Such Were Some of You. Can people really change? What about those trapped in homosexuality, greed, anger, resentment, or enslaved to any other desire? Change is tough, especially when it comes to tough habits, hardened attitudes, and spiritual road blocks. But we have God and His power on our side! Don't let the enemy (Satan) or your own thoughts discourage you. With God's help, you CAN change your life for the better and become better pleasing to Him!

Lust or Life? Part 1

Porn is everywhere! It can be found on the internet, television, music, books, magazines. In fact, wherever there is media, there is an avenue for pornography. For many people, pornography is not a slow-burn for passion, but nuclear fuel leading to perversion. And sadly, many believe it's a personal, none-of-your-business, harmless, victim-less pastime. Really? Take just two minutes to talk to pastors and therapists and you'll see that it is a virulent social disease that's tearing lives and families apart. In these next two episodes, Jay, the Truth Barista, and Amazing Larry examine this topic and they don't pull any punches!

Lust or Life? Part 2

Pornography is wrong and dangerous! And yet, in spite of the deadly trap that it is, many of us Christians struggle with the temptation to indulge ourselves in this sin. So how do people get free from this temptation, this compulsion? Take a listen! Join Jay, the Truth Barista, and Amazing Larry, the kitchen guy, as they continue their discussion of the human drive called lust.

How Do You View Sinners? Part 1

Rejoice or Resent? Sinners...yuck! Can't wait 'til they get theirs … right? Wrong! While that may be the attitude of our heart, this is NOT God's heart toward those who rebel against Him. The Bible truth is that God is always working to bring sinners home to Him for forgiveness, cleaning, and real change! So, how do you view sinners? People to shun and despise or people in need of a loving, merciful God? Jesus reached out to sinners with compassion without compromising His truth. Can we do the same? Join Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry as they examine this touchy topic!

How Do You View Sinners? Part 2

Rejoice or Resent? So, how do you view sinners? What about those who wander off from God? Are you just too good for them? Do you expect them to clean up or get their act together BEFORE you come alongside them? Or do you follow the Lord's example of desperately seek those who are lost or straying? Heart check! Take a listen...then go and find some sheep and coins, if you know what I mean.

Your Way? or God's Way?

Psalm 1. There are only two ways to do things in this world - God's way or the wrong way. Think I'm kidding? Take a listen...and get ready to pull in your toes, they might get stepped on!

Where Does Your Help Come From?

HELP! How often we've screamed that, if not out loud, then in our minds and hearts? Here's a simple test...think about what you look to for help. Got it? Then that likely is your god. The writer of Psalm 121 has it right. Take a listen to Jay, the Truth Barista, and Amazing Larry, the kitchen guy at the Ersatz Coffee Shop as they talk about this powerfully and encouraging Psalm as part of their coffee shop Friday Bible study.

Harnessed to God

The "Yoke of His Teaching" Every Friday after the morning rush, Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry the Kitchen Guy have their Bible study at the Ersatz Coffee Shop. But today, Larry is really stumped by what Jesus says in Matthew 11:25-30! Many Christians know these words, "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." However, they don't understand exactly what Jesus is saying...and it will challenge your socks off!.

The Fruit of the Spirit, Part 1 Lookin' Like Jesus

Galatians 5:22-23) The Fruit of the Spirit...What the heck are those? Simple. They're Jesus' character traits growing in us, causing us to us act like Him! Yup, gettin' saved doesn't stop at saying a prayer. NOW you have to do something about it! Looking like Jesus is a pretty high bar, isn't it? Check out this new series on the character traits Jesus expects us to produce more and more in our lives. Thank God for the Holy Spirit's help!

The Fruit of the Spirit, Part 2 Lovin’ Like Jesus

There's a major Bible principle - First things are the most important things! So we should sit up and take note that the first fruit of the Spirit (a character trait of Jesus God wants to form in us) is LOVE! So how do YOU compare with the standard of loving that Jesus set? Join the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry as they discuss this AWESOME trait God wants ALL of His children to live!

The Fruit of the Spirit, Part 3 Filled with Joy

What is this thing, JOY? Is it something that we can work up when we're feeling depressed? Is it some cheesey Sunday School ideal that's totally unrealistic for every day experiences? What's the difference between JOY and HAPPINESS? Join the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry as they talk about the fruit of the Spirit (Jesus' character trait of) joy! This will really PERK up your day!

The Fruit of the Spirit, Part 4 Filled with Peace

ARRRRRGH! Ever have one of those days...weeks...months? Ever wonder what life would be like enveloped by God's peace? Did you know you can actually achieve it? How is this possible? Because Jesus has promised it and He NEVER breaks His promises. Not only has Jesus promised to give us peace, it's one of His character traits that the Holy Spirit is assigned to develop in us! So why are you so bent out of shape? Take a peaceful moment to listen to the Truth Barista as he and Amazing Larry walk through this wonderful topic!

The Fruit of the Spirit, Part 5 Goodness

Ya know, goodness is not a highly sought-after trait in people. Oh, we all appreciate a good person when they're good to us, but sometimes we join the world in mocking good people. But what does it mean to be GOOD? IS it just our actions that are good or do our good actions flow from another source? For such a seemingly vanilla topic you'll find it a GOOD source of inspiration! (Yes, pun intended!)

The Fruit of the Spirit, Part 6 Kindness

Have you ever met a real mensch? That's Yiddish for a person who is a decent, upright, mature, and responsible person. They're all around us, but their unassuming ways make them almost unnoticeable, BUT their words and actions really touch us! The Fruit of the Spirit called kindness very much makes us into a mensch if we seriously allow the Holy Spirit to build this one into our character. Give a listen and see what the Truth Barista means by this!

The Fruit of the Spirit, Part 7 Patience

Lord, give me patience...right now! Yup! That's how a lot of us feel and yet we hate it when things pop up in our lives that frustrate the heck out of us! Ever think that the Lord allows such things simple to grow this precious character trait of Jesus in us? Muscles don't grow unless you work them and patience doesn't grow unless you try it...and try it...and try it...AND TRY IT!! You get the idea! Take a listen.

The Fruit of the Spirit, Part 8 Faithfulness

Did you know faithfulness is a two-way street? Many people want God to be faithful to them. You know, continually providing their needs. But what about OUR faithfulness to God. Can He rely on us? Do we prove to be trustworthy to God each and every day? Just what does it mean to be faithful and why is it in that list of Jesus' character traits called the Fruit of the Spirit? Take a listen. When you're done, you will find yourself more than a little challenged by the Truth Barista!

The Fruit of the Spirit, Part 9 Gentleness

Know anyone with a "clutching" or "grabbing" attitude? You know, the kind of knot-head who is always screaming about their rights, but does little to help the situation? Ever wonder what meekness means? Does it mean we're limp-wristed, droopy-dogs who allow everyone to walk over us? No way! Take a listen to the Truth Barista as he and Amazing Larry talk about how Jesus' character trait of gentleness is so incredibly POWERFUL!

The Fruit of the Spirit, Part 10 Self-Control

"Control myself? Are you kidding me?" That's exactly opposite of what our society tells us. In fact, advertising lives to tempt us to satisfy our every desire as quickly as possible. "Do it now! You're missing out if you don't! Why wait for marriage? Why deny yourself? Get that credit card and run it up!" Sound familiar? So, exercise your self-control for a bit and listen to the Truth Barista as he and Amazing Larry discuss this powerful character trait of Jesus that the Holy Spirit wants to drill into us...often for our own safety.

Holy Indignation

Righteous Anger! Wow! The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry are really hot today! There comes a time when Christians MUST go on the offensive and directly, firmly, and lovingly "turn over the tables" when people are wrong, whether it's about God, the Bible, or important issues of our day. Yes, there is a time for anger! And there's a right time and a right way to "rearrange the furniture" ala Jesus. Fasten your seat belts and take a listen!

The Truth About Abortion, Part 1

With Brian and Denise Walker. Here's God's truth - abortion is the killing of an unborn child. There is no way to sugar-coat this truth. You can try to dodge the truth, avoid the truth, ignore the truth, twist the truth or whatever, but it won't ever negate the God's truth. Brian and Denise Walker of Rich in Mercy - Abortion and Miscarriage Recovery, share their POWERFUL testimony with Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry. Visit Rich in Mercy

The Truth About Abortion, Part 2

This is the powerful conclusion of the Truth Barista's interview with Brian and Denise Walker! What you are going to hear will rock your world...especially if you think Christians are immune from facing this tragic decision. Abortion touches both the pulpit and the pew. As you listen - pray and ask the Lord how YOU can get involved either in pro-life actions or ministering to those who have had an abortion!

It's A Great Big Stupid World

Man, we live in a great, big stupid world! We create laws that protect unborn baby birds, but have no problem destroying human babies in the womb. Feminists march in favor of Islam, a religion that in its radical form grinds women down to the dust. The world system totally rejects God or embraces any god under the sun or invents new gods in spite of the biblical fact that God clearly reveals Himself to all people, even at the basic creation level. Why is this? Because our world is a fallen world, a world that wants to do its own thing no matter how wrong, deadly, harmful or offensive to God it is. Listen, laugh, and learn as the Truth Barista takes on the idea that we live in a great, big, stupid world!

Faith, Doubt, and Unbelief, Part 1

"You know, if you just had enough faith, that wouldn't have happened to you!" Or "Agree with me in faith and God will answer your prayer!" Is faith a slot-machine or a passkey to get answers from God? Is it the cornerstone for miracle cures or insane amounts of wealth and prosperity? Some Christians would actually tell you that. Well, in this first part of our four-part series, the Truth Barista would say...?

Faith, Doubt, and Unbelief, Part 2

So...did the first episode about faith knock yer socks off? Well, the Truth Barista continues his discussion with Amazing Larry about this powerful and often misunderstood topic of faith. What is faith? How do we get faith? How do we exercise faith? Does faith stand alone or is it linked to something...or SOMEONE else? Tune in!

Faith, Doubt, and Unbelief, Part 3

If you think the average person struggles with doubt - try being a Christian! What makes doubt so difficult is the inner sense of guilt because we KNOW we're not supposed to doubt God and yet it can be a daily challenge for some of us. This only intensifies when we're in really painful or even life-threatening situations. What is doubt? Doubt - "The state of being uncertain about the truth or reliability of something." "from Latin dubitāre, to waver" (American Heritage Dictionary). Are Christians allowed to doubt? How do we move from doubt to a concrete trust in God? Why are prayers stopped by doubt? Tune in to the Truth Barista as he and Amazing Larry continue their series on this all too challenging experience!

Faith, Doubt, and Unbelief, Part 4

What's the opposite of faith? Not doubt. It's NO faith. As the Truth Barista and Larry discussed in the previous episode, doubt is not knowing if God is greater than what your facing or not. Unbelief is the stubborn refusal to trust God. Unbelief is SOOOOOOO serious, that it is the one sin that is called the Unforgiveable Sin...IF you choose to hold onto it. Join the Truth Barista as he and Amazing Larry talk about this extremely challenging topic and wrap up this series on Faith, Doubt, and Unbelief.

The King's Banquet

Amazing Encouragement from Jesus' Feeding of the 5,000. The Bible is BURSTING with all sorts of encouragement when we find ourselves coming up short. Nowhere is this felt more strongly than when we have needs that need to be met. Our need may be huge, but GOD is HUGER! (That's a word?) Jesus can take a little and make it a lot! Are you ready to be blown away by how Jesus fed an army of people with a few rations? Take a listen!.

God's Answer to the Welfare State

God's Answer to the Welfare State is YOU! On the heels of the previous episode about God's miraculous provision, the Truth Barista discusses God's main way of providing for people - YOU! You are God's main way to meet the needs of those around you. In truth, the needy are all around us and we can't shut our eyes and ignore them. Neither can we personally meet every need. But God can...and He often chooses to do so through His people. If God's people would ramp up their level of caring more and put feet to their faith more, the problem of need could be significantly reduced. Why? Because we live on the level of the world's needs and we have a God above who supplies us to help others. Take a listen!

City Gates, How are You Guarding Your Life?

Throughout history, city gates were EXTREMELY important! From ancient Israel to the castles of the Middle Ages, gates were the most vulnerable place in a city's defenses and of great strategic value. If you lose control of a city gate, you lose the city...and most likely your freedom or life! Even though we mostly don't have literal city gates today, there are many ACCESS POINTS in our life that serves as a gate, an entry point into our begin. We also have gates that serve as access points into our society and nation. God commands us to defend our gates from enemy incursion. Want to know how incredibly much this applies to us? Listen to this episode of the Truth Barista - "City Gates: How Are You Guarding Your Life?" for big insights. It just might save your life.

The Joy of Trials!

"But mankind is born for trouble as surely as sparks fly upward." Do you know who spoke these words that were recorded in God's very Word? Most of us know him and he would certainly know a thing or two about trials and troubles. Yup, it was Job! (Job 5:7) No one will ever escape the trials of life. We try to minimize them or avoid them, but trials will come our way. But, there is a sunny side to trials! (Yeah, right!) No really, there is. In fact, trials are one of God's best ways of shaping us into the people He wants us to be. (Yeah? Well I wish He were a little less interested in me right now!) Having trouble and trials, my friend? Take a listen and take comfort. Trials don't last forever, but what we gain from them does.

The Sky Is Falling! Part 1

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling! Bible Sense About Signs. Man, if it ain't one thing it's another! Blood moons, total solar eclipses, unique coinciding of stars, planets, sun, and moon...that could only mean one thing! DOGS AND CATS, LIVING TOGETHER, MASS HYSTERIA! In fact, during the recent "Great American Eclipse" MILLIONS of people drove to the line of total eclipse to watch a 2-minute event! They must think there's something to this! There's no denial, we have seen some interesting and rare celestial events. Many people, not just Christians, believe these as God-sent signs. Are they? What makes them genuine signs from heaven's throne room? If they are, why does God use such signs and what is He saying? Are the sign-seekers just blowing smoke to raise money and followers? Join the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry as they take on this controversial subject of the signs of the times - Bible Sense About Signs.

The Sky Is Falling! Part 2

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling! Bible Sense About Signs. Is it the end of the world as we know it or as the internet calls it, TEOTWAWKI? Do a simple search on the internet and many Christian sites are proclaiming either the beginning of the Tribulation or the Rapture or other End Time mileposts because of remarkable events in the sky viewed as signs. Blood Moons (2015-2016), the Great American Eclipse (August 2017), and the Revelation 12 sign (September 2017) are heralded as warnings. Are they? Take a listen as the Truth Barista unpacks the Feasts of the Lord, End Time events, and the "signs" of the times!

The Sky Is Falling! Part 3

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling! Bible Sense About Signs. And now the thrilling conclusion to the Truth Barista's "Bible Sense About Signs.” Are we being warned about the End Times? Is the End Time near or have we crossed the line? IS THERE ANYTHING TO THESE BLOOD MOONS, SOLAR ECLIPSES, and the REVELATION 12? You'll just have to listen and find out!

Anybody Up There?

The Struggle with Unanswered Prayer. Ever been "Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door"...and nobody answers? Ever pray and you hear crickets chirping? What comes into your mind? Does God hear me? Is there something wrong with me? Does God even care? These are tough questions. So is the topic of unanswered prayer. If you're struggling with unanswered prayers, take a listen and see how the Lord speaks to you, even if you think He's not.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly,  Discernment Ministries

Contending Without Being Contentious. Discernment ministries. What are they? They are ministries that examine what is being taught across the Body of Christ to see if those teachers are faithful to God's Word, or teach inaccurately or in error, or are outright deceptive. Discernment ministries are often looked at as the "defenders of the faith" and the "watchdogs of truth." However, some have developed a sharp and even vicious, un-Christian approach to their expose' function and are more pit bull than man's best friend.

The Joy of Forgiveness

Atonement and the JOY of Forgiveness! The burden of sin and guilt! Kind of like a truck parked on your heart and soul, right? We have ALL experienced the heaviness of the guilt of sin and the dread of God's punishment. Even Bible people such as King David knew this awful condition. But there is a JOY that sweeps over us when we finally confess all to God and He FORGIVES us! There is a joy and release in this experience that is beyond measure. If there is such joy when we let go of our sin and guilt, why do we resist the tapping of the Holy Spirit on our hearts? Take a listen as Jay, the Truth Barista, and Amazing Larry walk through Psalm 32.

How to Defile a Nation

"Defile" - a word that means to POLLUTE, CONTAMINATE, MAKE DISGUSTING. According to the Bible, there are 3 main ways to make your nation disgusting to God - Idolatry, Immorality, innocent bloodshed. In fact, if we as a society allow these three things to run rampant in our nation, not only does it disgust God, but it's a wide-open invitation for God's judgment!

It’s a Mystery

What are mysteries in the Bible? When people find it hard to explain something they often call it a MYSTERY. To many of us, a mystery is something we can't know or something God doesn't want us to know about. Well, that ain't necessarily so. There are LOTS of mysteries in the Bible and God DOES want us to know what they are and what they mean. Mysteries are SUPPOSED to be their own time and the way God wants us to. Take a listen to this new way of looking at mysteries. It'll open up the Bible to you in new ways!

Matters of Conscience

Halal Meat Example. With the influx of refugees and immigrants from Islamic countries, Muslim communities are growing throughout the United States. Similar to Jewish kosher laws, Islamic law (shariah law) has its dietary requirements. One requirement is that meat must be slaughtered according to certain ritual and standards making it halal.

Where are the Noahs of the Day?

As we watch Western society continue its moral downhill race to the bottom, should we expect God to raise up men and women of great integrity, virtue, and faith? Will we see people who will be a testimony against the unrighteous moral collapse and proclaim the reality of a righteous God? Will we see people who have worked hard to remain unstained from the world? It may seem to be impossible, but God specializes in the impossible. As the Bible repeatedly shows, illustrated by Noah, when things grow dark in an age of putrescence, God lifts a light. Take a listen!

Preventing Truth Decay

When Nations Die. Why is it that empires and nations rise and fall? All the efforts of humanity have tried to build the eternal kingdom since the beginning of time...and yet EVERY dominion has fallen given enough time. Why? The downward pull of fallen human nature! The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry look at Jim Nelson Black's book ‘When Nations Die: America on the Brink, Ten Warning Signs of a Culture in Crisis.’ Is there hope? Yes! But it requires a whole-hearted commitment to God on a society-wide scale. Until then, Jesus expects us to stay close to Him and do what we can to influence the culture around us.


A Most Dangerous Leaven. Hypocrisy! How often is that accusation leveled against others, especially Christians. But what is hypocrisy? Why is hypocrisy so dangerous? Is the labeled deserved or not? When is it right to call someone out on their hypocrisy? Join the Truth Barista and he and Amazing Larry take a closer look at Matthew 16 and how Jesus confronts the leaders of His day about their hypocrisy. Are we just as guilty?

Hebrew Idioms

Understanding the Bible Better. Ever talk with someone who doesn't know your language? IT'S HILARIOUS! Trying to share even the most basic information such as "Where the Ersatz Coffee Shop is" or "The bathroom is over there" can be a real chore...or an embarrassment. Well, the same holds true with the Bible. Hey people, most of the Bible was written in Hebrew by Hebrew speakers with a Hebraic mindset and world-view. Compared to today's Christians who speak a variety of languages with a variety of non-Hebraic mindsets and world-views we are not just miles apart, we're millennia apart! Some things cannot be effectively transmitted unless one GOES BACK to learn and understand the original context...and that's what the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry do in this episode. Take a listen and have fun!!

The Purpose of Pressure

Does God EVER give you more than you can handle? YES! These is NOWHERE in the Bible that says God will never give us more than we can handle! It's what we do with the "more than we can handle" times that matters. The Truth Barista brings remarkable insights about olive trees that show us how pressure can bring out excellent things from us if we hang onto the Lord while under great pressure. Take a listen!

Our Standard of Holiness

"Quit being HOLIER THAN THOU!" How often have we heard that through our lives? Holiness is something we don't hear a lot about from pulpits today, and yet it is a bottom line expectation from God. He even said, "As obedient children, do not be conformed to the desires of your former ignorance. But as the one who called you is holy, you also are to be holy in all your conduct; for it is written, Be holy, because I am holy." (1 Peter 1:14-16) But what IS holiness? What determines whether something (or a person) is holy or not? The answer may be quite surprising!

The Truth About Temptation

"I have no problem with temptation...I give in to it every time!" Yeah, it's a joke, but temptation really isn't. However, there are truths about temptation that help us grow as Jesus’ followers. There are many things that temptation reveal about us and areas we need to let the Lord address in our lives. Don't let temptation drive you into the dust. Learn how to handle it and use it to your advantage when it rears its ugly head.

The Way of Wisdom

Wisdom - what is it and why is it so important? The Bible has a LOT to say about wisdom. What is clear is that wisdom is NOT knowledge. Knowledge is information. Wisdom is knowledge APPLIED. This is why people get wiser (or should) as we age through life. Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry have a great discussion about this very important topic! Listen up and get some good wisdom!

God's Image and the Great Commission

What in the world does God's image (Genesis 1) have to do with Jesus' Great Commission (Matthew 28)? Our Heavenly Father is amazing in how He orchestrates His plan across time! There is a profound link between Adam's creation/commission and the New Covenant community's creation/commission. As Solomon wrote, "There is nothing new under the sun" (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Want to know your future, Christian? Look to the past for understanding and clarity. Is your curiosity piqued?

The Nephilim Giants, Part 1

Did giants really roam the earth in Noah's day or didn't they? It depends upon your world-view and view of the supernatural! One of the trickiest things about reading and studying the Bible is when to take a section figuratively or literally. Sometimes, both can be applied. Isaiah 7 is one such double interpretation verse. On one hand, Isaiah prophesies about a physical son as a sort of "timer" of Aram's destruction (Aram was threatening Jerusalem). On the other hand, time has proven this same section as pertaining to a coming Messiah. "See, the virgin will conceive, have a son, and name him Immanuel." (Isaiah 7:14) Well, Genesis 6 is a puzzler as well. Were there giants in Noah's day, offspring of spiritual beings (the Watchers) and human women? Take a listen to part 1 of a two-part series on the Nephilim, the giants, of Genesis 6!

The Nephilim Giants, Part 2

Fe, Fi, Fo, goes the giant's declaration in the old English rhyme. But aren't giants just make-believe? Not according to the Bible! In fact, giants were a major problem both BEFORE and AFTER Noah's flood. They were Israel's feared foe as they sought to conquer Canaan. Where did these giants come from? If they appeared after the flood is it possible that they could reappear? Who were the Watchers? Are they Biblical? (Short answer, yes!) Is there any other information about them? (Check out the Book of Enoch!) Are they related to modern-day demons? You will be amazed! Check out part two of the Truth Barista's Bible Giant study!

Biblical Accountability, Part 1

No One Is Immune from Scrutiny! How often have we seen or heard ministers, ministries, Christian groups or individuals do or say some wild things that make us wonder if they're on the up and up or even sane? While we need to see God's power today and God's Word preached, this doesn't mean anyone can say or do anything with impunity. Some people assume if a manifestation is unusual or supernatural, it must be of God. Some people elevate Christian leaders to the point of untouchable, uncorrectable celebrity personalities. But is this right? Is there a standard of accountability to which our words and ways are supposed to be weighed? Yes! Check out this must hear two-part series on Biblical Accountability!

Biblical Accountability, Part 2

No One Is Immune from Scrutiny! Are Bible teachers and pastors or even other Christians above examination and weighing to see if they're resting on the truth? The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry had a great discussion in the previous podcast. Now they continue with this vital topic. So...what should we do with all this? First, don't be gullible. Second, learn God's Word. Third, if we have questions about a person and their ministry, how do we approach them? How do we deal with the person who seems to have gone off the rails? Take a listen for very practical and biblical ways to evaluate a person and ministry regarding the truth.

Resurrection, Part 1

Resurrection - the Biblical Truth. Jesus' Resurrection from the's the cornerstone of our Christian faith. Without Jesus' resurrection, Paul says "...if Christ has not been raised, then our proclamation is in vain, and so is your faith" (1 Corinthians 15:14). Jesus' resurrection is our heavenly Father's assurance that His Son's sacrifice was accepted and the way back to His arms and back into His family is wide open! And Jesus' resurrection is an assurance that though we die, yet shall we live. This life is not the end! Listen and be encouraged!

Resurrection, Part 2

Resurrection - What's the resurrection body like? People spend bazillions of dollars to make their bodies look good and try to put off the aging process for as long as possible. But in the end, we end. However, in the episode, the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry talked about Jesus' promise of the believer's resurrection. Ok, great! But what will our new body be like? How similar or different will Body 2.0 be from our pre-death aging physical container? Why is it so important we get an upgraded body? Join Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry as they discuss what the Apostle Paul has to say about this in the Bible!

Death, the Honest Truth

Death and taxes - both are sure things...except after death we won't pay taxes, but we'll still be gone. So let's talk about it. What does the Bible have to say about it? What is it? Why do we die? Can we avoid it or stop it? Do we have to fear death? What do the rabbis teach us Christians about death? Where do we go when we die? These are the questions Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry mull over in this honest look at death. Don't worry, it's an upbeat discussion!

Jewish-Christian Relations, Part 1

From Jewish Movement to Gentile Church. Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry educate Christians about Christianity's roots in Judaism, problems that developed along the way which impact Jewish-Christian relations, and how Christians can come alongside the Jewish community and Israel to be a blessing and not a curse. In this first episode, Jay and Larry talk about how the church transitioned from a messianic stream of Judaism (one of many streams of Judaism in Jesus' day) to a Gentile church. Yes, this is a real eye-opener!

Jewish-Christian Relations, Part 2

Christian Zionism. What is a Christian Zionist? Here is the Jewish Virtual Library definition: "Christian Zionism can be defined as Christian support for the Zionist cause — the return of the Jewish people to its biblical homeland in Israel. It is a belief among some Christians that the return of Jews to Israel is in line with a biblical prophecy, and is necessary for Jesus to return to Earth as its king. These Christians are partly motivated by the writings of the Bible and the words of the prophets. However, they are also driven to support Israel because they wish to “repay the debt of gratitude to the Jewish people for providing Christ and the other fundamentals of their faith,” and to support a political ally.” If you love Israel and support the Jewish people out of your love for God and His Word - you're probably a Christian Zionist! Take a listen to find out how YOU can take an active role in supporting Israel and the world-wide Jewish community!

Replacement Theology, Part 1

Did the Church Replace Israel? NO! There comes a time to call out wrong theology, especially when it is so absolutely wrong. Replacement Theology is such a theology. Replacement theology (supersessionism - to supersede - one thing being replaced or supplanted by another) "teaches that the people of Israel have forfeited their special status as the chosen people of God, and their replacement is the Church. The Church, then, is the new true Israel." Sure, that was easy to say after Jerusalem was destroyed and the Jewish people were dispersed in A.D. 70 and 135. But Replacement Theology was totally blown out of the water when the Jewish people began returning home in the late 1800s and throughout the 1900s, and Israel became a nation in 1948, and the Jewish people took Jerusalem in 1967. Still it hangs on today and has contributed to Christian Anti-Semitism and the most horrendous persecution of the Jews over the last 2,000 years. Listen to Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry discuss this crucial topic!

Replacement Theology, Part 2

Christian Anti-Semitism. The Ugly Truth of Replacement Theology. The Ugly Truth? Christian Anti-Semitism? A horrible oxymoron. Over the last 2,000 years, some of the most egregious attacks upon the Jewish community (verbal and physical) have been perpetrated by Christians led by errant theology and motivated by Anti-Semitism. Sad to say, this virulent form of focused hate is still prevalent around the world (and rising to the surface today) and it is still found among Christians. Hey Christians, what would our Jewish Jesus think about this? Please, take a moment to learn about this tragic truth and learn how YOU can stand against Christian Anti-Semitism and greatly support our Jewish family members!

The Mark of the Beast, Part 1

The Mark of the Beast from a Jewish Context. Okay, we've all heard about it (well, most of us have!)...the dreaded MARK OF THE BEAST. That awful 666 number...or barcode...or wait, maybe RFID chip...or...WHAT IS IT ANYWAY? Before you get all twisted up over the evangelical, westernized Super Anti-Christ Boogeyman symbol of absolute power (thanks Left Behind series!) maybe we should back up and take another look at it. Rather than trying to figure this enigmatic mark out from a 21st Century perspective, maybe we can look at it from John's perspective, i.e. Jewish. We have more than enough info to discern not necessarily what it IS, but more importantly, HOW IT FUNCTIONS and WHAT IS ITS PURPOSE. Get ready for a fascinating two-part series from Jay, the Truth Barista!

The Mark of the Beast, Part 2

The Mark of the Beast from a Jewish Context. Here you go...PART 2 of this amazing series on the Mark of the Beast!! Listen in and be astonished at the 1st Century Jewish perspective of the Mark of the Beast.

I Never Knew You

Stop whatever you're doing and think about this. Seriously. Ready? So you're a Christian...or at least claim to be. You go to church all your life. You do good works. You're really ringing the bell on cultural Christianity. Then you die. You've crossed the line of no return. You face the One who now sits in judgment of your life. Your life flashes before two sets of eyes simultaneously. "Not bad," you think to yourself. And then these horrifying words..."I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!" (Matt. 7:23). But...but...but... Or imagine that Jesus returns and the world is reeling with His arrival...and He turns to you and says the same thing! Or you die without Jesus and those words come forth as you slip into a place that's too horrible to describe. So what does it mean to be known by Jesus and why is it so important to your eternal life? Born-again or not, you'd better find out now before it's too late and those words, "I never knew you...I don't know you..." echo in your ears.

Women in Ministry, Part 1

All you have to do is hang around Christian circles and you will eventually slam into this wonderful (sarcasm) discussion! It would seem obvious that women and men are built to be teammates in life which include ministry. And yet, there are those who preach, teach, and demand that women take a backseat in the ministry car. "That's it, little lady. Let the man show you how it's done!" Yeah, well...that ain't what the Bible says. Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry are starting a remarkable series hitting this topic head-on. The steamy cuppa God's truth is set to TRIPLE ESPRESSO with absolutely NO sweetening. Straight up! In this first part, Jay and Larry talk about God's original plan for men and women. Take a listen to hear some things you've likely never heard before!

Women in Ministry, Part 2

In the last episode of the Truth Barista's series on Women in Ministry, Jay (your Truth Barista) and Amazing Larry discussed God's original design for men and women and how even after the Fall and the men/women relationship adjustment, God used women powerfully in ancient Israel. In this second part, Jay and Larry talk about how women were a crucial part of Jesus' disciple group and Paul's ministry team. Yes, women ARE crucial to God's kingdom and vital to church life and ministry. Find out why!

Women in Ministry, Part 3

Jay, your Truth Barista, and Amazing Larry continue their study of the place of women in ministry, especially leadership. In this third part, Jay and Larry talk about women and their "place" in the 1st Century synagogue as well as being a part of Apostle Paul's ministry team! Now THAT'S going to be an eye-opener for many. Finally, the dynamic duo begin dissecting Paul's misunderstood scriptures about women, head coverings and the supposed authority issue at Corinth. There is a LOT to enjoy in this episode!

Women in Ministry, Part 4

Head coverings? Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry continue their study on Women in Ministry by addressing some of the very difficult scriptures where it appears the Apostle Paul tightly controlled how women were to act in church. The context is CRITICAL! For fun, take a moment to think about all you've heard about Paul's direction in 1 Corinthians 11:1-14. Got it? Now, get ready for a massive knowledge adjustment. What do head coverings mean to men and women in Paul's Corinthian congregation? Is this a matter of authority...OR SOMETHING ELSE? (Yes...that's a big hint.)

Women in Ministry, Part 5

Head coverings? Man, talk about weird interpretations! Because people have read the Apostle Paul from a 21st Century perspective instead of a 1st Century perspective, HALF of the church has been greatly affected for almost 2,000 years. As a result, women have been prohibited from exercising their God-given gifts of teaching, preaching, sharing, even serving in leadership! Join Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry as they dig into Paul's first letter to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 11) regarding this remarkable subject. free!

Women in Ministry, Part 6

SILENCE! NO TEACHING or AUTHORITY! Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry move on to another problem scripture found in 1 Timothy, "but with good works, as is proper for women who profess to worship God. A woman is to learn quietly with full submission. I do not allow a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; instead, she is to remain quiet." (1 Timothy 2:10-12) WHAT? All women are to shut up when in church? They are to remain silent and submissive? Well, take a listen to find out how to unravel this very difficult passage!

Women in Ministry, Part 7

SILENCE! NO TEACHING or AUTHORITY! Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry continue their Friday coffee break Bible study on Women in Ministry by going through the Apostle Paul's advice to his  protégé  Pastor Tim regarding an unruly woman in his congregation. What was meant to be a personal correction to a disruptive ill-informed teacher has been mistakenly applied to Christian women in general. Check it out!

Women in Ministry, Part 8

1 Timothy 2:11-15 Once again Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry tackle Paul's tough commands regarding women...or is it just a woman Paul is concerned about? Why is it important that silence is kept? And no teaching? And what about this weird thing about "...she will be saved through childbearing, if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with good sense" (verse 15). Welllllll, you'll just have to listen!

Women in Ministry, Part 9

A Case for Women Elders/Deacons. We reach the end of our remarkable series on Women in Ministry. In this final part, Jay the Truth Barista takes on the topic of Women as Elders and Deacons. To some churches, this is no big deal. For other churches, this is HERESY! Take a listen and you'll be surprised at what Paul (the supposed misogynist) has to say about women in these very important spiritual care functions.

Stay or Flee?

Holding on to Jesus In Tough Situations. Influential Christians have recently walked away from Jesus. Some have done it quietly and others have publicly repudiated their faith. Some have faced such tough situations that they've taken their own lives. What is going on? How could this happen? Are we challenged with the same disillusionment or discouragement? In the midst of a crisis of faith are we faced with the appealing idea of walking away, perhaps even ending it all? Take a breath. Pause. Then take a few moments with Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry as they ponder this very difficult topic.

Blessings or Curses?

Will Jesus Bless You or Curse You? WOW! Okay, so that's a topic. What's that all about? Well, in this episode, Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry talk about covenants and the consequences of either obeying or disobeying God. The hard, cold fact? We can bring God's curse on us or invite His blessing. Intrigued? Take a listen...

Take Your Stand!

Why does it seem that so many Jesus’ people are such mamby-pamby pushovers? There comes a time to make a stand for God and His standards. How do you do that? When the time comes, will you stand for Jesus?

Biblical Survival Training, Part 1

Proverbs for Preparing. Proverbs is CHOCK FULL of wisdom to prepare us for life - for the expected and the unexpected. Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry begin a dive into Proverbs wisdom for those expected times...which CAN catch you unaware if you aren't diligent. ENJOY!

Biblical Survival Training, Part 2

Proverbs for Preparing. We often prepare for “known” events. What about unknown events? These “Black Swan” events blindside us and turn our world upside down. How do we prepare for such things? Proverbs gives us some help!

Biblical Survival Training, Part 3

Get Yerself Wisdom. Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry have a lot of fun talking about wisdom during their Friday Bible study at the Ersatz Coffee Shop. One of THE MOST IMPORTANT things we can receive from God is WISDOM! What about knowledge? Knowledge is great, but wisdom is knowledge applied! Grab a cuppa joe and settle in for a FASCINATING study.

Biblical Survival Training, Part 4

Learn to Discern – Part 1. Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry continue their Biblical Survival Training Bible study at the Ersatz Coffee Shop with a FASCINATING look at discernment and why it is KEY to surviving in this world and even the next! During "normal" times, God's people need to learn to discern wisely so they won't get deceived by people or spiritual enemies. In the last days, the Bible says discernment will be a MAJOR need because deception will run rampant.

Biblical Survival Training, Part 5

Learn to Discern – Part 2. Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry continue their scintillating discussion on learning to discern as a vital part of Biblical Survival Training. There are some very popular fads and movements in Christianity today that are not only highly suspect but outright dangerous. And yet, well-meaning Christians are falling for these things. Why? One of the main reasons is the lack of discernment!  Yes, this episode is a HUGE challenge to every follower of Jesus!

Biblical Survival Training, Part 6

What to Know! Financial Crash! EMP (Electro-magnetic pulse) warfare! Solar Flares! Civil Strife! Terrorism! There is no end to the threats that face humanity. Are you prepared? Preparedness is a BIG industry today - products and blogs and videos ad infinitum! Okay, so let's talk about WHAT TO KNOW!

The Ten Commandments, Introduction

God’s Top Ten List for Life. The Ten Commandments. No, not the Ten Suggestions or the Ten Options or the Ten Mullings of a Confused God. They are God's Top Ten List for Life … how to live a great life with Him and with every person on earth. The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry start a new series on the Ten Commandments - what they are, what they mean, and how we can apply them. Want to love God and other people? Here's your start! Take a listen!

The Ten Commandments, Obedience Is Job #1

Commandment #1. Obedience. When many Christians think of the Ten Commandments (and we hope they do...) they think of Commandment #1 "I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the place of slavery" as a command to BELIEVE in God. Boy, are they in for a surprise! The Bible never commands we believe in God, it ASSUMES God's existence and as such, God's people have only one option...and that's what this episode is about. Hold onto your girdle, Myrtle! You're in for a treat!

The Ten Commandments, There’s an ‘I’ in Idolatry

Commandment #2. There’s an I in Idolatry. Do you worship idols? "Why, no, Truth Barista. I'm a Christian who loves God and is always faithful to Him." Really? Wait 'til you get a load of this. Idolatry may be one of the biggest parts of your life. This episode is guaranteed to be an I-opener!

The Ten Commandments, Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain

Commandment #3. Don’t Take the Lord’s Name in Vain. Taking the Lord's name in vain? What does that mean? Well, in short it means misusing God's name. "Okay," many will reply, "then I shouldn't cuss, right?" Well, it's a good thing not to cuss (cursing, swearing, profanity - need I say more?), but this goes MUCH farther than that. After listening to the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry talk about this commandment, you just might find out you're been waaaaay guilty of breaking this one. Doubt me? Take a listen!

The Ten Commandments, Keeping the Sabbath

Commandment #4. Keep the Sabbath Make it Holy. First of all, let's get something Biblically correct. The Sabbath is sundown Friday to Saturday, not Sunday. Okay, now that we've got that off the table, let's look at the Sabbath. What does it mean to Remember the Sabbath? And why does God say "Remember the Sabbath" in one place (Exodus 20:8) and "Observe the Sabbath" in another (Deuteronomy 5:12)? IS there a difference between Remembering and Observing? Why is keeping the Sabbath so close to the commands that pertain to God Himself (Commands 1-3)? Take a listen as Jay, the Truth Barista, and Amazing Larry work through this one!

The Ten Commandments, Honor Your Parents

Commandment #5. Honor Your Father and Mother. One of the signs of an eroding society is a blatant dishonoring and disrespect for parents. Why is this the case? It's this simple … parents are the foundation of the family and the family is the foundation of society. So, what does it mean to honor our father and mother? What if they're not worthy of honor? What if we've grown up in an abusive household? What if our parents aren't alive? Does this command still hold? Take a listen and be ready to be challenged!

The Ten Commandments, Don’t Murder

Commandment #6. Could You Be Convicted of Murder? Don't murder? Really? Doesn't this seem just a bit TOO obvious? Well, yes. But there is a depth to this commandment that goes far beyond the taking of human life. What's also surprising to many is that this commandment allows for killing other human beings. WHAT? Yup, you're just going to have to take a listen to find out what this means!

The Ten Commandments, No Adultery

Commandment #7. No Adultery. "Me? Commit adultery? Never!" Well...according to Jesus, most folks step over the line and don't even know it. Like the No Murder Commandment, there’s a lot more to this command "than meets the eye!" Yup, it's what meets the heart and mind as well. Yes, sex is a wonderful gift from God, but it's also a great responsibility. Could God convict YOU of adultery? Take a listen!

The Ten Commandments, No Stealing

Commandment #8. No Stealing. "Aw, it's just a little thing!" "Hey, it's a big company...nobody will miss it!" "Yeah, I'm taking it because they don't pay me enough!" Stealing. It's as easy as breathing and just as common. This is one of those "sins" that people quantify - if it's a little stealing or a little item - no prob! Sad to say, stealing is wrong, whether large or small. And stealing can be a whole lot more than just a tangible thing. How about stealing someone's affection? Their reputation? Their self-worth? Yeah, now you're getting the uncomfortable picture. Check this episode out and see how prevalent...and is to steal.

The Ten Commandments, No False Witness

Commandment #9. Don’t Bear False Witness. What does "bearing false witness" mean? Is it just lying or is it more than that? Why would God put this eeny-meeny-teeny "sin" in His Top Ten List of foundational Do's and Don'ts? Because lying is a direct denial of Truth and thus A DENIAL OF GOD HIMSELF. Still think bearing false witness is a small matter? Check this episode out!

The Ten Commandments, No Coveting

Commandment #10. No Coveting. And we come to it at last! No, not just the last of the Ten Commandments, but the one that affects all the others. You may THINK this is a simple, easy, light command, but it is UNIQUE among the other 9. Why? Because the others deal with outward actions. Thou Shall Not Covet addresses us in a way that only God can - our thoughts and desires! All the other commands hang on this one according to the Biblical Sages. Take a listen and find out if YOU could be convicted of coveting or merely wanting. There's a HUGE difference!

Jerusalem … God’s City, Part 1

We are standing at a momentous time in history! Daresay, it is the fulfillment of End-Time Biblical prophecy. After nearly 2,000 years, the Jews are back in their land and they are sovereign over Jerusalem. Two things that the Bible says are End-Time indicators. HOWEVER, there is a great dispute over Jerusalem. Two friends of the Truth Barista, Steve and Cheryl Hauer from the Jerusalem-based, world-wide ministry Bridges for Peace join us for a 2-part series on how wildly awesome and important Jerusalem is and what it means to Christians and the world!

Jerusalem … God’s City, Part 2

The highly anticipated 2nd episode of our 2-part interview with Steve and Cheryl Hauer on Jerusalem! Why is Jerusalem important? Why do the nations of the world want to take Jerusalem from the Jewish people? Is the world playing with God's fire by doing so? Check this out!

The Allegation Circus

ACCUSATIONS! ALLEGATIONS! INNUENDO! Satanic tools used to bring down political opponents, partners in poisoned relationships, tearing down co-workers to get ahead - we are surfing a TIDE of allegations. Some are based on facts, some are based on rumor, hearsay, or outright lies. Once the damage is done, what can one do? We all face accusations from time to time - some are inconsequential, some can be devastating! How should we deal with this circus of allegations whether we're a spectator or the main event in the ring? Take a listen to this hard-hitting episode as the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry unpack these questions!

An Abortion Story with Denise and Brian Walker, Part 1

Here’s God’s truth - abortion is killing an unborn child. There is no way to sugarcoat this truth. You can try to dodge, avoid, ignore, or twist the truth, but it won’t ever negate God’s truth. Denise and Brian Walker of Rich in Mercy Abortion and Miscarriage Recovery share their powerful testimony with the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry.

An Abortion Story with Denise and Brian Walker, Part 2

This is the powerful conclusion of the Truth Barista’s interview with Denise and Brian Walker! What you will hear will rock your world, especially if you think Christians are immune from facing this tragic decision. Abortion touches both the pulpit and the pew. As you listen, pray and ask the Lord how you can get involved in pro-life action or ministering to those who have had an abortion.

Gun Control

What’s God’s Truth About the Gun Control Issue? After the most recent school shootings, both sides are in an uproar over the gun issue. One side calls for a complete ban of all guns with a revocation of the 2nd Amendment, the other side says, "No way!" Never one to shy away from a great topic, the Truth Barista weighs in on the debate "armed" with God's truth and some serious logic. Yup, something has to be done, but where do we start? Your Truth Barista has some thought-provoking suggestions.

The Leadership Gifts, Part 1

Did you know that pastors are God’s gift to the church? Yep. And so are apostles, prophets, teachers, and evangelists! Did you know that Jesus didn’t invent these leadership functions? They were already well established in the synagogues of Jesus’ day. Did Jesus pull the plug on apostles and prophets after the first years of the church? Not according to His Word. And, did you know these gifts serve a basic function in training and equipping you for ministry work? Take a listen and be challenged.

The Leadership Gifts, Part 2

The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry continue discussing the five leadership gifts within the congregations. In this episode, they look closely at Jesus’ leadership gifts of pastors, teachers, and evangelists.

Hey Jesus! Should We Pay Our Taxes to Caesar?

The Truth Barista takes an intriguing look at the question of working with authorities - God, and man - over the issue of paying taxes. Yes, Jesus' point is that our relationship with God is essential. Yes, we can also find some great insights about honoring the human authorities God has placed over us. Ready to be challenged?

Lessons from Isaiah 5

The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry looked at Jesus's rebuke of His day's leadership - the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes. This confrontation was not unique; God had leveled similar charges against the leadership of the prophet in Isaiah’s day some 700 years before Jesus. How little things change! Hear what Jesus says about abusing one’s authority.

The Seven Woes on the Pharisees and Scribes

It seems some things never change. Solomon wrote, “there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). In the previous episode, the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry looked at God's indictment of the leaders just before Israel and Judah's fall, about 600 years before Jesus. In this episode, we see a nearly identical situation; the leadership has failed, and God is about to act. Are today's leaders facing the same indictment from God?”

Let’s Talk About Baptism

Why do Christian churches drip or dunk people with water? Is this something Jesus invented for His church? After all, He commanded it to be done. Churches have fought over whether it should be done for those of all ages or whether it should be done just once or should it be done more than once? Can the dipping/dribbling/or dunking be done by anyone or just the "clergy?” The Truth Barista gets to the background of baptism - FROM BEFORE JESUS(!) - and reveals what it means and how it was always done. You'll find this FASCINATING!!

The Holy Spirit and Salvation

How did God the Father create the universe? Through His Son, Jesus, by the power of His Spirit. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. All things were created through Him, and apart from Him not one thing was created that has been created. How does God recreate people who are dead in sin and separated from their Creator? The same way - through Jesus by the power of the Spirit!

The Holy Spirit and The Kingdom of God

What is the mark of God's kingdom? Wherever God the King's reign is acknowledged and His will is done. Sadly, humanity threw off the yoke of God's rule in the Garden of Eden, moved into the kingdom of death and darkness, and sought to establish our own kingdoms based on following our own wills. BUT, God wants us to come back to Him, through the Holy Spirit who comes to live in us, He reestablishes His rule and reign. So, how do we live in God's kingdom? Take a listen!

Immersion (Baptism) in The Holy Spirit

John said of Jesus, "I have baptized you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit." If baptize means to immerse, then what does it mean to be immersed/submerged/dunked in the Holy Spirit? Why is this mandatory for Jesus to do to each believer/follower of His? Is there a difference between the Baptism IN the Holy Spirit and the Baptism OF the Holy Spirit? Take a listen as the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry talk about this amazing truth!

Our Daily Altar

A Model for Morning Devotions. Many Christians say we can't learn much from the Old Testament. That, my friend, is not true. All of the Bible is God's Word and ALL of it is important to every Christian. Paul said it this way, "All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” In that spirit, join the Truth Barista as he reveals how the Temple priests' morning preparations for the day's sacrificial service is a GREAT picture to guide us in our morning devotions.

Filled with The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the one who changes us into new people for God. Then after we're changed, we're immersed/soaked with His presence so we can live a changed, clean, consecrated (set apart to God) life with the Holy Spirit giving us a live, direct access to God. So, what next? We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. And God doesn't regard this as an option. What does this mean? Take a listen and find out.

The Holy Spirit's Power, Part 1 : God's Power

From the very start of creation, God has shown His mind-blowing POWER! Throughout the Bible, the Lord acts in power on behalf of His people. The 10 Plagues, the splitting of the Red Sea, manna in the wilderness for FORTY YEARS, miraculous victories in war, numerous healings, pillars of fire, raising the dead, and on and on! When Jesus came to reveal God’s ultimate way into His kingdom, He not only spoke of His Father’s kingdom but acted in great power as EVIDENCE of His Father’s kingdom. God’s power is the norm for His kingdom. As His subjects, we have access to Jesus’ power through the Holy Spirit. In fact, Jesus commissions us and expects us to walk in His power as we live in His kingdom from day to day! BUT...many in the church are afraid to step out in faith to exercise the Lord’s great power. Challenged? Take a listen!

The Holy Spirit's Power, Part 2 : The Power of the Holy Spirit

Jay, the Truth Barista, and Amazing Larry continue their study of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. There are strong objections that the Cessationists make against the gifts of the Holy Spirit being used today, which is funny because the Holy Spirit doesn’t seem to be listening to them. Please take a listen and ask the Holy Spirit to release His power more remarkably through His people

The Holy Spirit's Gifts, Part 1

Jay, the Truth Barista, and Amazing Larry continue their talk on the POWER of the Holy Spirit! You’d better be prepared for real-life testimonies of God’s power healing people and in-your-face challenges to those who say the Holy Spirit isn’t active today. Before you listen, be sure to put on your steel-toe shoes!

The Holy Spirit's Gifts, Part 2

The world is enthralled with supernatural manifestations! It only takes a quick look at the plethora of TV shows and movies today about the occult to see that people yearn for the supernatural. God is the supreme supernatural being, and His kingdom flows into our natural realm through the Holy Spirit’s power. Take a listen to the Truth Barista Jay and Amazing Larry as they study 1 Corinthians 12 as the baseline for the Holy Spirit’s power moving through Jesus’ people

The Holy Spirit’s Gifts, The Speaking Gifts

Tongues, Interpretation, and Prophecy

The world is enthralled with supernatural manifestations! It only takes a quick look at the plethora of TV shows and movies today about the occult to see that people yearn for the supernatural. God is the supreme supernatural being, and His kingdom flows into our natural realm through the Holy Spirit’s power. Take a listen to the Truth Barista Jay and Amazing Larry as they study 1 Corinthians 12 as the baseline for the Holy Spirit’s power moving through Jesus’ people

The Holy Spirit’s Gifts, The Power of Gifts

Faith, Healing, Miracles

Incredible manifestations of POWER marked Jesus’ ministry! Healing the sick, raising the dead, driving out demons, controlling nature – WOW! Now, do you want to have your mind blown? Jesus told His disciples this, “Truly I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do. And he will do even greater works than these, because I am going to the Father.” (John 14:12). We are now faced with a fundamental choice: Either Jesus is lying, or we are to expect that we will manifest Jesus’ power, even doing more extraordinary things than He did. Healing? Stilling storms? Miracles? Seriously? Yup, if you take Jesus’ word seriously, are submitted to Him, and are willing to learn. Listen and pray the Lord releases greater power through His people today!

The Holy Spirit’s Gifts, The Knowing Gifts

Words of Knowledge and Wisdom, Discernment

These three gifts of the Holy Spirit may not be as “flashy” or stunning as the gift of languages, prophecy, healing, or miracles. But these three are heavy artillery! Why? The Lord often blows up log jams in personal ministry by gently revealing foundational issues that block recovery (Word of Knowledge). Sometimes He blasts through rocks that impede our personal growth or the directions He wants to take our congregations (Word of Wisdom). Our Good Shepherd often protects us from ravenous wolves by showing us exactly what they are through His targeting system (Discernment of Spirits). You will LOVE this episode, and it’s vitally important. Why? Because the hallmark of the End Times is deception and all three of these are crucial defenses against deception. Check it out!

Did The Holy Spirit’s Gifts Stop?

Cessationism vs Continuationism

Did God’s Power really stop? Cessationism is a fancy-schmancy word for “stopping,” as in ceasing. You: “Well, that’s a mighty big word, Truth Barista! What does it mean, and why bring it up?” Glad you asked! Cessationism is “the view that the “miracle gifts” of tongues and healing have ceased—that the end of the Apostolic Age brought about a cessation of the miracles associated with that age. Most Cessationists believe that, while God can and still does perform miracles today, the Holy Spirit no longer uses individuals to perform miraculous signs” ( Although the power of the Holy Spirit is still moving today, some well-meaning Christians don’t believe it BECAUSE all that power was only to “kick-start the church and establish the Bible as the Word of God.” Is that the TRUTH? Listen and judge for yourself!

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Want to hear God laugh? Tell Him your plans, as the old Yiddish proverb goes. In spite of our best-laid plans, God's plan is always guiding us. How do we know? Besides such great Bible truths as a person’s heart plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps (Proverbs 16:9). Many plans are in a person’s heart, but the Lord’s decree will prevail (Proverbs 19:21). Matthew 26:1-16 shows us four sets of plans - Jesus', the Jerusalem leaders', a woman's, and Judas' plans - all working toward God's ultimate plan of Jesus' death to bring salvation to the world. Think your life is out of control? Listen and think again!

The Parable of the Compassionate Father

The Compassionate Father and Mistaken Sons. How about a fresh look at the Prodigal Son parable? Understanding the 1st Century Jewish cultural background of this parable brings it alive in a whole new way! AND it takes the focus off the sons and places it where Jesus wanted it to be...on the FATHER. Check this episode out and be ready to erupt in praise for our wonderful Heavenly Father!

The Parable of the Compassionate Father

The Compassionate Father and Mistaken Sons. How about a fresh look at the Prodigal Son parable? Understanding the 1st Century Jewish cultural background of this parable brings it alive in a whole new way! AND it takes the focus off the sons and places it where Jesus wanted it to be...on the FATHER. Check this episode out and be ready to erupt in praise for our wonderful Heavenly Father!

Kingdom Truths : Wheat and Tares

Kingdom Truth from Jesus’ Parables. Wheat and Tares. What is God's Kingdom like? Jesus answers it with wonderful pictures revealing profound truths! Join Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry as they jump into the Kingdom Parables to find these awesome truths from a 1st Century Jewish context and how they greatly encourage us to pursue God's Kingdom with everything we have!

Kingdom Truths : Mustard Seeds, Yeast, and Fishing Nets

Jesus shows His disciples that God's Kingdom is unstoppable! And it will keep growing until the “Big Catch,” when Jesus returns and separates the righteous from the unrighteous. Some say the church is shrinking today because many churches in the U.S. haven’t returned to pre-pandemic attendance, and there is truth to that. But God's Kingdom started growing in a new way on the day of Pentecost and will continue to grow until it fills the earth.

Kingdom Truths : Hidden Treasures and Pearls

What would you be willing to give to have the greatest treasure ever? That's what Jesus is getting at in these Kingdom parables. You've probably heard pastors preach them more than a few times, but you probably haven't heard them with a rich Jewish background. Take a moment and enjoy these beautiful parables that describe how awesomely valuable and desirable God's Kingdom is.

Kingdom Truths : Forgiveness,  Part 1

Kingdom Truth from Jesus’ Parables. Forgiveness Galore. Forgiveness - so highly sought, so grudgingly given! Our forgiveness with God depends on how we forgive others. Jesus said so. So many Christians cry for God's forgiveness, yet harbor unforgiveness in their hearts toward others. Jesus had some powerful things to say about this heart attitude and how His disciples were to openly and freely forgive others. How far does this go? What about people who refuse to forgive the forgiver? Awesome questions. Ready for some freshly-brewed thoughts and ideas to ponder?

Kingdom Truths : Forgiveness,  Part 2

Kingdom Truth from Jesus’ Parables. Forgiveness. Forgiveness - so highly sought, so grudgingly given! Last week Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry talked about God's Kingdom Truth regarding forgiveness as revealed in the Parable of the Forgiving King. Jay and Larry continue their Friday morning forgiveness discussion with two central questions - How can I forgive others? and What are the roadblocks to forgiveness? Powerful stuff that we pray helps set you free!

Kingdom Truths : The Vineyard Workers and God’s Grace

Kingdom Truth from Jesus’ Parables. God’s Gracious Pay for Joining His Workers. The Parable of the Vineyard Workers. How many times have you heard children objecting like this - "Hey! He got more than me! That's not FAIR!!" And then the fight is on. When we receive what we haven't earned, that's grace. When someone decides to do something nice for another "just because" that's grace. Some Christians serve the Lord for many years before they die and enter God's heavenly realm. Others live like hell on earth only to give their last remaining few years, months, days, even minutes to the Lord and receive God's Kingdom in the same full measure that Jesus' long-time servants receive. This parable is not about how much we do, but that we join the Kingdom. Yes, there are rewards that come to us for what we have done as disciples in this life. But ALL believers receive the same Kingdom regardless of when in life they embrace Jesus. Take a listen and be encouraged!

Kingdom Truths : The Prepared and Unprepared Bridesmaids

Jesus taught us that He would return as Israel's King after a time away with His Father. Jesus said His return would be like a 1st Century wedding celebration in the Parable of the Ten Virgins (Bridesmaids). They knew the Bridegroom was on His way, but how were they supposed to handle a delay? The point of the parable is to be prepared. But what does that mean? This question is even more crucial as we see the clear signs of Jesus' return - Israel's rebirth, Jerusalem coming under Jewish control, and the earthly events Jesus shares in Matthew 24. How are we prepared for His return and not be excluded from His Kingdom?

Kingdom Truths : What are You Doing with Your Talent?

Kingdom Truth from Jesus’ Parables. Be Productive Until Jesus Returns. The Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30). Okay, what the heck is a talent? A Jewish talent of silver contained 3,000 shekels and was equal to 94 3/7 pounds. That's a lot of silver! The Master certainly wasn't skimping when He entrusted such a large amount to His servants. Jesus also gives us tremendous amounts of "talent" and asks us to use our talents to bring Him a return on His investment in us. What does that mean? Why does Jesus link to being productive with His return? Listen for a fresh take on this well-known parable!

Kingdom Truths : The Grand Wedding Invitation

Kingdom Truth from Jesus’ Parables. Invitations and Wedding Crashers. Let’s put this bluntly … if you don't want to come into God's Kingdom, you don't have to. However, the repercussions are terrible. God's Invitation is not for an elite group of people, but for EVERYONE! However, we don't ‘get into the wedding’ on our terms, but His! Take a listen for some amazing insights!

Are You Cheating on Jesus?

Adultery is a very serious offense. In this episode, the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry talk about two sets of Scriptures that aren’t well understood by most Christians – The Woman Caught in Adultery (John 8:1-11) and the Suspected Adultery Test (Numbers 5:11-21). We must understand the Suspected Adultery Test to understand what was happening when the Pharisees tried to trap Jesus via a ruling about adultery. But the greater lesson is this … are we guilty of cheating on Jesus?

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