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“I kept picking this book up - such encouraging reading! Frothy Thoughts with the Truth Barista - First Cup by Rev. Jay Christianson conveys timely encouragement through engaging personal stories, candor and plenty of wit and humor. The best part is it's all Bible truth! Has nice large print and an easy read for the average Joe. I'll be looking forward to that ‘second cup’, Rev. Jay!” Joan M.

Frothy Thoughts with the Truth Barista BOOK SERIES


The Truth Barista is Pastor Jay Christianson, who is fluent in the Hebrew traditions of the Bible and uses his knowledge to bring clear insights to bear upon the issues that define our day.

He is a pastor, teacher, worship leader, speaker, tour leader, independent researcher, Jewish-Christian dialogue participant, and outspoken advocate for Israel and the Jewish community. Pastor Jay is an enthusiastic teacher who focuses on understanding the Bible from the original Hebraic-Jewish context.

This Book Series is a collection of articles written by the author beginning in 2020, and so reflect the events in our world at that time. However, his message and The Message is timeless. Pastor Jay’s writings are sprinkled with humor yet clearly instructive as he tackles the tough issues facing Christians today.

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