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Who We Are

Our Mission
Many people don’t know the Bible or understand what it says, so many don’t know how to apply God’s Word as their guide for life. HighBeam Ministry’s mission is “Teaching God’s Word as Truth For Faith and Practice.” Our goal is to effectively help those who seek God find meaning in life, and develop lives that strive for God’s standard, impacting the people and culture around them for good.

Our Vision

HighBeam Ministry creates dynamic media productions to teach God’s Word through radio, podcasts, social media, online classes, seminars, blogs, and the printed page.

Dr. Jay Christianson, PhD

Dr. Jay Christianson is the founder and President of High Beam Ministry and has faithfully served in ordained ministry since 1994. He is a pastor, teacher, worship leader, speaker, Israel tour leader, independent researcher, Jewish-Christian Dialogue participant, and outspoken advocate for Israel and the Jewish community.


Through his online High Beam Ministry, Dr. Jay hosts the weekly Truth Barista Podcast, authors the Frothy Thoughts Blog, teaches Bible classes, and produces Bible study resources.

He is an enthusiastic teacher who focuses on understanding the Bible from the original Hebraic-Jewish context. He first became excited about the Hebraic heritage of Christianity in 1986. Since then, he has led tours to Israel and twice participated in Bridges for Peace’s Institute of Israel Studies in Jerusalem, Israel. He enjoys teaching Christians about the Jewish foundations of their faith and encouraging interfaith understanding between Christians and Jews.

Dr. Jay Christianson holds a Bachelor of Arts (University of Minnesota), a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies (North Central University), a Master of Arts in Judeo-Christian Synergism (Masters International University of Divinity), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies (Master’s International University of Divinity).

Jay and his wife, Jeanne, reside in Naples, Florida.

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