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Cruisin' Through the Bible

Bible Exploration

And we’re off on our Through

the Bible Reading Venture!

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Old Testament Road Map Sample


New Testament Road Map Sample

Cruisin’ Through the Bible, Bible Exploration

Presented by HighBeam Ministry

Rev. Jay Christianson, Ph.D


It’s easy to lose your way when reading through the Bible. Pastor Jay Christianson is your tour guide as you are Cruisin’ Through the Bible.

In this Monthly Book Series, Pastor Jay takes you on a fantastic journey through the entire Bible each month and reveals God’s unfolding plan in the summaries and insights he writes on each Scripture of the Bible. Pastor Jay’s writings are sprinkled with humor yet clearly enlightening as he guides you through this Bible Exploration.

Pastor Jay guides you through every Scripture in the Bible without feeling overwhelmed in a unique and captivating way to help you understand God’s Word. Cruisin’ Through the Bible is a joy-filled, thoughtful, and realistic exploration of God’s Word, a start-to-finish roadmap to guide you that will encourage you to dig deep into God’s Word and help you to make daily Scripture reading a habit for life!

Nurture your relationship with God and become a stronger believer as your faith grows each time you read His Word.

  • January Roadmaps : Genesis 1 - Leviticus 13

  • February Roadmaps : Leviticus 14 - Joshua 9

  • March Roadmaps : Joshua 10  - 1 Kings 5

  • April Roadmaps : Kings 6 - 2 Chronicles 24

  • May Roadmaps : 2 Chronicles 25 - Psalm 16

  • June Roadmaps : Psalm 17 - Psalm 135

  • July Roadmaps : Psalm 136 - Isaiah 39

  • August Roadmaps : Isaiah 40 - Ezekiel 10

  • September Roadmaps : Ezekiel 11 - Micah 7

  • October Roadmaps : Nahum 1 - Luke 20

  • November Roadmaps : Luke 21 - 2 Corinthians 4

  • December Roadmaps : 2 Corinthians 5 - Revelation

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