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The Book of Jude, Series

Introduction to Jude, Part 1

Welcome to the Book of Jude. The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry lay out the background of Jude’s letter to give us a historical foundation. After all, good Bible study starts with context, context, context. Then we move to the Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Grab your Bible, notebook, and a good cuppa Joe!

The Book of Jude, Part 2 Contending for the Faith

The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry pick up their study on the Book of Jude with Verse 2. What does it mean to “contend for the faith?” It means we need to know and take a firm stand for God’s truth that has been clearly established (canonized) for the last 2,000 years. Why? Because even today, false teachers sneak into Christian communities and twist God’s truth into a license to sin.

The Book of Jude, Part 3 Contending for the Faith II

How do we stop the quiet and subtle shift toward sin among God’s people? By grabbing sound doctrine and holding onto it tightly. The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry take on the initial verse of Jude’s warning to the believers about a crisis – false teachers have crept into the church! Has that happened to the church today? Sadly, yes.

The Book of Jude, Part 4 Contending for the Faith III

Is it possible to turn God’s grace into a license to sin? Absolutely! And there’s a terrible cost for doing so. The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry wade into Jude 5-7 to talk about rebellion, even among Jesus’ followers. Rebellion against God brings inevitable judgment. Now, do you really want to use God’s grace as a reason to sin?

The Book of Jude, Part 5 Contending for the Faith IV

The false teachers according to Jude – wolves in sheep’s clothing. Once they find their way into the flock, they not only want you to accept them, the wolves that look like sheep want to push every sheep into their false teaching and promotion of sin. Watch out for their primary attack against congregational leadership.

The Book of Jude, Part 6 Contending for the Faith V

Jude takes of the gloves and goes after the false teachers who are plaguing God’s people. These teachers were “hidden reefs” whose unbiblical teachings shipwreck the believers’ faith and Jude uses vivid descriptions to reveal just how dangerous these deceivers are. Jude wraps up his letter by encouraging his readers to watch out for these troublemaking truth-twisters.

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