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Why the Left is Unhinged

For a door to operate properly, it must be firmly connected to the house's framework. If the hinges are loose or broken, the door is inoperable, and anything can enter the home whether safe or not.

The Left is all about doing away with the hinges. In other words, a firm fix to a strong Framework.

Framework the Constitution; We have a choice. Follow the Constitution as the Founders intended (the Originalist View) and have the times adapt to it or adapt the Constitution to the times (Living Document Argument) as the Progressives intend. The danger? By making the Constitution a ‘Living’ document, the Progressives can make it say whatever they want it to say and point to it as the basis for all other laws. For example, the enshrinement of abortion as a privacy right ‘found’ in the Constitution. Forget the right to life which is clearly in the Constitution. Undermine the Constitution and you can remake the nation in your image. Our choice has consequence in this life.

Framework Words; We have a choice. Follow the established meaning of words or adapt them to make them mean what we want. True, languages evolve. But the claimed ‘evolution’ of word meanings can be used as a weapon against an opponent … religious, political, or otherwise. Example? President Trump said he is a nationalist. Nationalist is defined as ‘devotion and loyalty to one's own nation; patriotism.’ Given the context of the President's use of the word and given his stated devotion to the United States, this definition applies. The Left, however, again, disconnects the fixed meaning and implicitly adds ‘white’ as an adjectival change to the meaning so that nationalism/nationalist morphs into meaning ‘devotion, especially excessive or undiscriminating devotion, to the interests or culture of a particular nation-state … but only for white people.’ If word definitions are not firmly fixed on a common framework, then the idea of meaning becomes completely fluid and up to every individual to determine in their own subjective way. Lack of speaking a common language with common meanings becomes unhinged, leading to confusion, misunderstanding, frustration, anger, and violence. Our choice has consequence in this life.

Framework Cultural Norms; We have a choice. We can follow established cultural norms regarding how gender is defined (male or female determined by objective biology) or reject those norms … any number of genders, or combinations, or no gender based on subjective feelings, philosophies, agendas, and so on. Without the definition firmly fixed to a common framework, the idea of gender become unhinged and anything is accepted no matter how unsafe or bizarre. Our choice has consequence in this life.

Framework the Bible; We have a choice. God is clear about His Word. It shall not be added to or subtracted from (Deuteronomy 4:2). Translation only adds or subtracts from God's Word if it fails to carry through the meaning God intended to convey. We can follow God's Word and adapt our lives to it, or we can adapt God's Word to our life to give us license to do as we please … not as God pleases or to please Him. Without our lives being firmly fixed to the framework of God's Word, we become spiritually unhinged, inviting anything into our spiritual lives regardless of how harmful it might be for us. Our choice has consequence for eternity.

So, this is why the Left is unhinged. Their philosophical goal is to disconnect from any firm Framework in order to allow, promote, participate, and celebrate ANYTHING that they want. Period. Carte Blanche for every whim. The sad part is that as far as their concerned it only applies to them … not to you.

The Truth Barista, Frothy Thoughts


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