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The Subdue and Rule Mandate, Delving into Domains: Society and Culture, Part 1

“It’s not wrong to recognize the domain that God has given you to Subdue and Rule. It’s HOW you Subdue and Rule it that matters.” (Author)

Let’s delve into how the Subdue and Rule Mandate and its ungodly form, Conquer and Dominate, affect life’s key domains (institutions): Culture and Society, Government and Politics, Environment and Education, Technology, Business, Sports and Arts and Entertainment, Religion. These seven main arenas touch every aspect of human life. Since humans are involved in every domain, our drive for dominion, whether morally right or wrong, influences all seven institutions.

Why start with culture and society?

Society is “a community, nation, or broad grouping of people having common traditions, institutions, and collective activities and interests” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Culture is the “…arts, beliefs, customs, institutions, and other products of human work and thought considered as a unit, especially with regard to a particular time or social group” (American Heritage Dictionary). In short, culture is the byproduct of all human activity on Earth (Manahan).

Societies are the natural outgrowth of individuals as they create couples, then families. Finally, groups of families form communities, the sum of which constitutes the society within which various cultures are created. Cultures constantly change as a society functions daily, as new influences affect how people work together.

When a married individual changes, their marriage culture changes. When a couple changes, their family’s culture changes. When families change, community cultures change, and society and the nation are influenced and changed when the sum of a nation’s subcultures change.

We can look at various societal units as domains, each with a general culture and specific subcultures. For example, the business world has a general business culture. However, within the business world, individual businesses have a particular way they function (like families), that company’s work culture. Some businesses are tightly controlled work centers. Other businesses, such as the stereotypical Silicon Valley companies, have a very relaxed, informal work culture. When various influences change society and culture, it affects all other domains to a degree and vice versa.

The Subdue and Rule Mandate, humanity’s drive for dominion, saturates society and culture because “everyone’s doing it.” Society can be thought of as a mass of people vying for some measure of control over every domain in which they live, whether they work together for mutual benefit or to seize control through that group or both because there is usually a mix of the two.

The United States experienced a major societal and cultural shift beginning in the 1960s, although the roots of that shift go back much farther to the progressives in the early 1900s. From those progressive roots, rebellion against all forms of authority became the hallmark of the 60s counter-culture revolution. This revolution sought to challenge and change U.S. culture and our society. This effort was especially true regarding biblical values.

Much of the force behind the 60s counter-culture movement was seriously questioning God’s existence. This question was the basis of an astounding article in the April 8, 1966, TIME magazine, with its iconic cover, “Is God Dead?” By relinquishing a firm hold on God, too many surrendered restraint and dove into sex, drugs, and rebellion, the poisoned fruit we’re consuming today.

In the 60s, individuals and institutions launched a Conquer and Dominate crusade against God Himself. Their attack against God echoed the all-too-familiar “Hath God said?” People began to search for God within themselves. The now-famous TIME article quotes Protestant theologian, Karl Barth of Switzerland, “Any search for God that starts with human experience is a vain quest that will discover only an idol, not the true God at all.” When that happens, humanity diminishes God to just another being and raises itself to godhood.

By abandoning God and His boundaries, the counter-culturists loosed themselves to Conquer and Dominate multiple domains across our society. It’s crucial to note that many of those twenty-year-old counter-culturists in 1970 are now seventy years old and have had two generations to seduce, indoctrinate, and train their replacements.

Over the following examples, I want to show you how the 60s earthquake has created societal faults throughout the United States.

Family Life

From the start, God designed men and women to be equal under their commission to tame and control His world, and complimentary as to gender and procreation, to produce more viceregents and expand the global Edenization task. Eden was God’s connection between heaven and Earth. As we’ve seen, God placed Adam “over” Eve after the Fall as a governor/check and balance since Eve lacked the revelation about God and His commission that Adam had. Therefore, Eve’s “weakness” was Satan’s point of attack

As God placed Adam over Eve in responsibility and authority, He warned Eve, “Your desire will be for your husband, yet he will rule over you” (Genesis 3:16, italics author). The words “desire” (teshuqah, longing, desire, in the original sense of “stretching out after”) and “rule” (mashal, to rule, control, govern; master) are also used in Genesis 4:7 when God warns Cain, “sin is crouching at the door. Its desire (teshuqah) is for you, but you must rule (mashal) over it.” The idea is that Eve would experience herself reaching for the place she once held with Adam as his coequal partner, his co-viceregent of the world. But with her God-ordered reorientation, Adam would become her supervisor, and she would be helpless to change the situation. No matter how she longed for and reached for her previous place by Adam’s side, for that was her origin, she would have to submit to him per God’s order until the restoration of all things. Such is the foundation of men-women, husband-wife relational struggles.

Let’s face it, for one who has known freedom to rule with no boss, that kind of change would be irritating, especially with an out-of-control urge to control one’s world and another’s.

The Feminist movement of the 60s can be explained as Eve’s reach toward restoration on human terms, independent of God. Through this lens, feminism can be viewed as a human-forced effort to restore the Edenic pattern of men and women working side-by-side. The Feminist movement, at its spiritual core, is a reaction against the male-female order instituted by God at the Fall and the Feminist movement’s effort to Conquer and Dominate God’s post-Fall decree for Eve. When feminism is taken to an extreme and demands that women take dominion over men and not just achieve parity, it’s Conquer and Dominate on steroids.

Of course, the feminists do have a legitimate gripe. There is a long and shameful history of men Conquering and Dominating women, forcing them into submission, and exploiting them.

The great news is that the male-female relationship restoration process begins at salvation. Under the New Covenant, Jesus starts Earth’s re-Edenization by restoring people built from earthly material. Apostle Paul later reveals that God’s redeemed people are to submit themselves “to one another in the fear of Christ” (Ephesians 5:21). Male-female teamwork and mutual submission according to gender, gifts, and talents are God’s original design. Since that is restored and commanded under the New Covenant, there is no need for feminism or an excuse for male chauvinism among Jesus’ people.

The Sex Drive

When people Conquer and Dominate their God-given sex drive, the results are disastrous. The 60s rebellion affected the family unit as a society and the culture surrounding it and struck at the heart of our other foundational drive – sexual reproduction. The 60s unleashed the Sexual Revolution.

God gave us the gift of sex for intimacy and reproduction and told us to “Be fruitful and multiply,” only we were to do it His way, remember? But after the Fall, sin-twisted humanity made sex all about “our way, any way, anywhere, all the time,” and if doing so meant using our sex drive to Conquer and Dominate other people into sexual submission and dominating them, who cares? As humanity lunged into the 60s Sexual Revolution, Conquering and Dominating sex as if it were our domain, independent of God, perverse people gave rise to the following poisons.

Sex Education. For the last sixty years, parents have fought educators over Sex Education. The progressives in education, pushed by political agendas, have pushed for ever-increasing explicit information combined with ever-broadening boundaries of what should be tolerated, accepted, and celebrated regarding sex. The education establishment has played off parental discomfort and awkwardness about “The Talk” and graciously offered (read usurped) parental rights and responsibilities as an opportunity to indoctrinate and train kids into using their sex drive for ungodly purposes. Sex Ed has become a cesspool of permissiveness and perversion to guide children to Conquer and Dominate their bodies and other people sexually.

Of course, the abortion industry giant, Planned Parenthood, has taken the lead in Sex Ed because increased sexual activity statistically leads to more pregnancies, resulting in more abortions and thus a bounty of blood money in Planned Parenthood’s pockets. Let’s not kid ourselves about Planned Parenthood’s motives. They’re all about Conquering and Dominating all aspects of “reproductive health” to enrich themselves and, spiritually speaking, joyously conduct Satan’s work of attacking God and destroying His highest creation – people.

The Sex Ed gang’s justification for usurping parents’ role in their child’s sexual education is the all-too-common “society can’t trust parents to give their kids the right information (read “our information from our worldview and our agenda”). Therefore, since many parents are skittish about talking to their kids about sex, they gladly turned the uncomfortable task over to the educational system, conquered by the 60s counter-culture Free Love and Sexual Revolution proponents dominating the educational and political institutions (domains).

Pornography. Another from the 60s Conquer and Dominate Rebellion has been the insidious advance of pornography. The introduction of pornography in print media was once couched as the lifestyle of the “sophisticated, worldly man” to aspire towards. PLAYBOY magazine entered the scene in 1953 with articles about how to live the jet-set life and enjoy the affluent, modern life. Oh, and there were some erotic photos of barely clothed women, by the way. While the magazine was sold “for its articles,” every young man knew precisely what PLAYBOY was pushing. We all knew it was about the “naked women.” Encouraging men to be worldly? How very accurate. Sixty years later, pornography has sunk into the most horrid expressions of sexual abuse and domination unimaginable. Nothing is outside the boundaries of sexual fetishes, including mixing death with sex, known as snuff films. The Dark Web is well-known as a sick, twisted haven for all expressions of sexual perversion. As society becomes increasingly desensitized and indoctrinated what was once horridly taboo has worked its way into “mainstream” porn, available to teens and children with the click of a mouse.

Pornography is nuclear fuel for sexual desire and a warp drive that propels those who view it well beyond God’s boundaries. Porn use has become so widely accessible that many young men find they can’t have an intimate relationship because no woman can live up to his Conquer and Dominate fantasies from porn (Prestige Men’s Medical Center). Sadly, pornography use is also increasing among women. Many young women who do so think what was once abnormal sexual practices are now standard. Tragically, many women experience the dark side of sex with a partner’s unleashed Conquer and Dominate drive infusing their sex life. BDSM (Bondage/Domination/Sadism/Masochism), once viewed as a psychologically disturbed fetish, is wholly built on Conquer and Dominate with one partner dominating the other. Pornography in its various forms and subjects is an obvious example of when our sexual drive is subverted and subsumed by our dominion drive.

Homosexuality. With the three-day Stonewall Riot in Greenwich Village, New York City, on June 28th, 1969, the homosexual “rights” movement took off. Since then, homosexuality has blossomed into a culture that continually seeks to force society into embracing and celebrating the LGBTQ-ETC lifestyle and practices as normal. However, it isn’t according to the God who created human sexuality.

The LGBTQ-ETC lobby has successfully infiltrated many domains in its effort to Conquer and Dominate society, assimilating those domains into its cultural indoctrination camp. A cursory look at the Government and Politics, Environment and Education, Technology, Business, Sports and Arts and Entertainment, and sadly, Religion domains proves how effective the LGBTQ-ETC lobby has cross-trained and transformed our society. What was once a nation founded on biblical principles has become the most flamboyant pusher of homosexuality in the world via these LGBTQ-ETC Conquered and Dominated domains.

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world” (attributed to Vladimir Lenin). Ever wonder why it’s become so crucial to the LGBTQ-ETC lobby and their minions in politics and the press to push the LGBTQ-ETC agenda to children and young people? It’s a Conquer and Dominate tactical move via the indoctrination and desensitization of malleable minds to reject the exclusivity of God’s ordained human sexuality within a monogamous, heterosexual marriage. The LGBTC-ETC proponents seek to ease more easily influenced people into accepting and embracing the world the LGBTQ-ETC “gods” are creating in their image. Today, this attack has been launched against children in three main ways:

Gender questioning. Academia’s complex, unintelligible, and irrational Queer Theory takes the expected identity and sexual maturity questioning during childhood and teenage development to create and justify gender confusion. This confusion has led many young people to believe they have gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia.

To show you how insidious the indoctrination has become, when I researched both conditions, I found the “official” medical authorities promoting gender confusion alongside academia. According to the so-called experts, gender dysphoria is “the feeling of discomfort or distress that might occur in people whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth or sex-related physical characteristics” (Mayo Clinic, italics author). Gender dysmorphia is related to dysphoria. “Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), also referred to as body dysmorphia, is a mental health condition. It’s best described as an anxiety disorder (specifically, a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder) involving a belief that a certain body part or physical appearance is defective or ‘wrong.’”

Did you catch the subtlety in those definitions? The objective scientific truth of biological gender is ignored in favor of a subjective psychological assessment. But thinking changes, and biology doesn’t. Further, gender dysphoria focuses on one’s feelings vs. one’s body, and body dysmorphia focuses on one’s body vs. one’s feelings. So, should we help people align their thinking according to factual biology, or do we reinforce their delusion that their body should match their thinking and feelings despite objective empirically-proven truth? The first option is Subduing and Ruling one’s self according to God’s design. The second option is Conquering and Dominating oneself in opposition to God’s design. The correct option is obvious, except for the deluded people pushing an unscientific agenda while simultaneously claiming it’s scientific. Such “information” from these “experts” is clearly LGBTQ-ETC biased. At best, they aren’t helping people; at worst, they’re promoting gender confusion.

The LGBTQ-ETC lobby and associated members from other captive domains work tirelessly to apprehend young people’s thinking during their formative years to transform the person into the lobby’s image of what a human being can and should be. This strategy is why the LGBTQ-ETC proponents have taken to social media and its “influencers” to bend minds to their twisted worldview. But the LGBTQ-ETC influencers aren’t just on social media. They are invading the community through the local library and other venues via the infamous Drag Queen Story Hour.

Drag Queen Story Hour. Once the purview of seedy gay bars, Drag Queen performances, called Story Hours, are all the rage now in the “family-friendly” information nexus called the library, the community repository of societal thought. Change the mind, change the person. Get it?

Drag Queen Story Hour began ten years ago! Yes, it’s been slowly creeping (emphasis on creep) toward children for a decade (Sara Boboltz). The strategy is clear; use a standard, engaging childhood activity (having a book read to them) by a man in a funny costume as the reader (But not a clown. That would be too scary!). Book reading is the bait, and the “colorful queen in a sky-high hat” (Ibid.) is the hook. “Hey, Eve! Keep your eye on the fruit. Ignore the snake behind the tree trunk.”

While the argument is that the Drag Queen Story Hour’s purpose is the “hope of instilling a love for reading in their child,” any rational, critically-thinking adult sees that it’s intended to normalize cross-dressing men, gender-bending behavior, and homosexuality.

Puh-lease, spare me the “But Dr. Jay, throughout history, men have performed in women’s roles on stage in women’s costumes.” Yes, I know. My first B.A. was in theater, and I also spent time around the LGBTQ-ETC crowd in that environment. But there’s a firm, distinct line between costuming oneself for a theater production and cross-dressing for sexual or pathological reasons. A tree is known by its fruit (pun intended).

Drag Queen Story Hour’s explicit agenda is to break down the wall in a child’s mind between the objective reality of gender and introduce confusion through the dichotomy of a man in women’s clothing, despite the exaggerated, clownish appearance. But the dichotomy extends beyond mere clothing. Drag queens present a man clothed in women’s garb and mannerisms (or is that woman-nerisms? I don’t know the right word to say nowadays.) Despite feigned objections to this assessment, the clear intent is to blur the gender boundary line within a child’s mind and push them over it.

The most frightening question we must ask every Drag Queen Story Hour promoter and attendee is this: Why does a grown man want so desperately to cross-dress and perform in front of little children? What was once a performance found only in adults-only gay nightclubs and bars is now pushed into the public square and right into children’s laps. Drag Queen Story Hours are deceptive attempts to Conquer and Dominate children, desensitizing and grooming them into accepting the perverted image of the LGBTQ-ETC god. The LGBTQ-ETC god destroys God’s boundary between male and female (an attack on God’s nature, by the way, Genesis 1:27), mashing and mixing them into an indistinguishable and damnable form.

But we’re not done with the fruit of the 60s Sexual Revolution. What began as stretching the boundaries of human sexuality designed by God ends with the total rending of body parts to force objective reality into subjective delusional thinking – trangenderism.

Transgenderism: Beyond Playing Dress-Up. Transgenderism, the effort to change one’s gender identity, is an extreme form of cross-dressing. Planned Parenthood, the bastion of all things moral and normal, says this about gender transitioning:

“Gender transition is different for each person. There aren’t any specific steps required for someone to transition — it’s all about what feels right for you. It’s sort of like a buffet, where you can try everything, a few things, or nothing at all. Also, you may not want or have access to some kinds of transition. What does it mean to transition? Transitioning is about making changes so that you can live in your gender identity. These changes can include changing your name or getting gender-affirming medical care. People often transition to reduce gender dysphoria and/or increase gender euphoria.”

Gender euphoria: Yes, pleasing oneself is the goal, even if it means opposing God or refusing to address mental illness.

According to Planned Parenthood, transitioning covers a wide variety of methods to transition oneself to “affirm your gender.” These methods run the gamut from “internal, social, legal, or physical (medical and non-medical)” means. Again, all these are attempts to Conquer and Dominate reality which cannot be Conquered and Dominated.

But these forms of transition do nothing to solve the person’s core issue. Various transitions merely clothe a sick soul in a costume to hopefully create “gender euphoria.” It’s like saying, “Despite what God says about me via the way I was created, either male or female, I will subdue and rule myself according to my determination led by my subjective thoughts and feelings, and this will make me happy.” Is this not repeating the “Hath God said?” question? Is this not the rebellious “I will recreate myself according to my subjective truth, not conform to God’s objective truth.”

Believing that people can transition from one gender to the other is to think we’re gods (“you shall be as God,” Genesis 3:5) who can create out of nothing that which we will. Of course, that’s ridiculous; no human being can create something out of nothing. But we’re dealing with the irrational thinking that says, “We can take what objectively exists, even body parts, remove or modify those parts, and claim we’ve created the other gender.”

The attempt to change what God has set in place sets transgenderism in opposition to God. Transgenderism diametrically opposes God and what Christianity teaches. “Tucker Carlson was quite right in his monologue last week (3/28/23): Christianity and transgenderism are wildly incompatible. Forget gobbledygook Christianity practiced by congregation-bleeding churches. Christianity and transgenderism never will reconcile. True science dictates, too, bolstering Christian teaching. Humans aren’t gods with dominion to ‘transform’ themselves from man to woman or woman to man. Any more than humans can cause the sun to rise in the west and set in the east, any more than man can destroy the Earth’s climate. Any more than humans can create intelligent machines that rule the world. All are vanities, conceits, delusions, fantasies. All are Towers of Babel” (Smith, Ready Yourself for the 2024 Storms).

Whereas homosexual behavior and LGBTQ ideology seek to upend God’s design, transgenderism seeks to upend God’s reality. The contradictions are enormous. The gender crowd claims a multitude of genders (currently 105 genders, according to the website can be determined by thoughts, feelings, and sexual preferences. The “trans” crowd claims people can switch genders at will (and at a high cost, the greatest of which is mental health).

So, how many gender options does a person have who wishes to “trans” themselves? Only two – male or female. Let me get this straight. There are a plethora of genders from which confused people can choose, but when it comes to gender reassignment, there are only two outward choices, male or female (or neutral if you count none as a gender). Maybe I’m missing something here, but my dog didn’t turn female when he was neutered. Strange.

As you can see, the mental gymnastics to reach this point are astonishing! When all is said and done, regardless of how one thinks or feels about their gender or whether they’ve gone through “trans” surgery in either direction, that person’s chromosomes still scream the truth.

The only conclusion I can come to is that it takes greater faith to believe a person can transcend objective reality than it is to believe in and trust the God who reveals Himself by His intelligent design of the human body and nature.

The arguments against the delusion of transgenderism are so obvious it’s painful. To accept the transgender ideology, one has to willfully and purposefully deny objective truth. That can only be accomplished by obfuscating the truth with twisted, complex academic theories, arguments, and nonsensical logic. However, because the average person can’t weave their way through the pro-transgender idealists’ jungle of obfuscation, it helps transgenderism proponents to deflect criticism while continuing to justify their arguments to themselves. It’s all about people Conquering and Dominating God Himself by refusing His design for the human body and sexuality.

The attack on children and the family unit

The attacks on God’s design for marriage, the family, and children are all manifestations of humanity’s warped Subdue and Rule Mandate, Conquer and Dominate, deployed against God’s first command, “Be fruitful and multiply.” Those attacks are attempts to crush and control God and any person who stands for His design for humanity.

The LGBTQ-ETC movement was born in the fires of rebellion in the 60s among those refusing to submit to God’s order. Today, the LGBTQ-ETC promotors keep trying to Conquer and Dominate the entire society and culture, forcing all who oppose their beliefs to submit to their worldview and approve of their practices. But while the LGBTQ-ETC movement may have succeeded in changing the definition of marriage in the United States, that hasn’t changed God’s definition and never will.

Returning to Lenin’s quote, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world,” it’s easy to see why the Conquer and Dominate-oriented LGBTQ-ETC crowd targets their societal change attacks against children.

Those who want to be gods are trying to create children in their image.

The endgame is to reshape the world into their idea of Eden, a utopia based on whatever definition of family du jour and a sex drive utterly disconnected from God, driven wildly by bodily urges.

The Conquer and Dominate crowd’s version of utopia is based on the words of the radical philosophers of the 60s, “If it feels good, do it.”


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