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The Subdue and Rule Mandate, Delving Into Domains: Environmentalism

“The earth and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants, belong to the Lord” (Psalm 24:1)

“The heavens are the Lord’s, but the earth he has given to the human race.” (Psalm 115:16)

“God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it. Rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and every creature that crawls on the earth.’” (Genesis 1:28)

These three verses are the core of God’s global order – nature under humanity’s dominion and all creation under God’s dominion.

But as we’ve seen, we chose our own way when humanity rebelled against God. We refused to do things God’s way, and creation, including people, have suffered from that inborn drive to control ever since.

Rather than tame the untamed world and steward it as our Creator would, humanity has assumed His role to take charge of nature and exploit the world to our advantage. After all, God created the planet as our habitat with all the natural resources needed to support humans if we were good stewards of those gifts from God. But being the race prone to greed and saturated with self-interest, those with the know-how work to take advantage of the world’s resources for their own benefit, often at the expense of others.

But not everyone callously abuses the global environment. Not at all. When Adam was kicked out of Eden, God told him that the ground would still produce food for him and Eve, but he would have to work much harder, even with pain, to make it happen (Genesis 3:17-18). Weeds and thorns would compete with crops, making food production unpredictable. Therefore, Adam would live in fear that he wouldn’t get what he or his family needed. Fear is the idiomatic meaning of “You shall live by the sweat of your brow” (Genesis 3:19), as in “Hey, don’t sweat it!” Remember?

As a result, we’ve learned throughout history that we must care for our environment for it to support people. More importantly, caring for our ecosystem, even in its disabled condition because of sin, is still our primary duty under the Subdue and Rule Mandate.

But like every other aspect of human life, exercising control remains the issue. Let me start with the modern environmental movement.

Concern for our environment is a good thing. As I said, it’s our God-ordained job. Environmental concerns can be traced back to the Roman Empire ( Later, in the late 1800s, a professor of wildlife management, Aldo Leopold, “introduced the concept of a land ethic, arguing that humans should transform themselves from conquerors of nature into citizens of it; his essays…had a significant influence on later biocentric environmentalists” (Ibid., italics author).

Environmentalism (the Green movement) emerged in the 60s-70s as we witnessed widespread land, water, and air pollution. I remember seeing pictures of smog (smoke and fog) blanketing many large cities, obscuring the skylines. If you’re old enough to recall, large swaths of land were labeled toxic waste dumps unfit for human habitation. Because of pollution, Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River, which feeds into Lake Erie, caught fire on June 22, 1969 ( That wasn’t the first time, either. However, that fire ignited our nation’s awareness of how pollution harmed our country, creating the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Additionally, temperature fluctuations showed a downturn in average temperature, creating the fear of a new Ice Age. Because of those fears and rising pollution awareness, the first Earth Day was declared on April 22, 1970, and the environmental movement was off and running fast.

Since the 60s, concerns over ecology and humanity’s environmental impact have produced hysteria over natural climate fluctuations. These fluctuations have proven to make fools of the climate prophets who have continuously declared humanity’s demise within X number of years if we don’t do anything right now! After all, a planet that says has been around for 4.54 billion years ( is so fragile that Al Gore, Greenpeace, and Greta Thunberg say we can kill off its ecosystem in a few decades. These kinds of predictions mean either humanity has such great power in our hands or the prognosticators are deceived. As Greta would say, “How dare you!”

To see how ridiculous those claims are, all we need to do is to look at time. No, not time itself. TIME magazine. Here is what the covers said since Earth Day, 1972:

1973 – The Cooling of America, when climatologists claimed we were about to enter a new Ice Age.

1977 – The Big Freeze. Yes, it’s sure to happen!

1992 – The Vanishing Ozone: The Danger Moving Closer to Home. The earth’s ozone layer would soon be depleted, resulting in an inrush of ultraviolet rays from the sun, burning everyone and permanently altering the climate and the environment. Yes, children, the sky is falling.

2000 – Artic Meltdown: The polar bears are in danger and so are you. Here’s how global warming is already threatening the planet. No comment. The hysteric headline says it all.

2001 – Global Warming: Climbing Temperatures. Melting Glaciers. Rising Seas. All over the earth we’re feeling the heat. Why isn’t Washington? See? Politicians will be needed to solve this.

2002 – How to Save The Earth: The hot and wild weather is a sign of things to come.

2006 – Be Worried. Be Very Worried. Climate change isn’t some vague future problem. It’s already damaging the planet at an alarming pace.

Did you notice the subtle shift over 30 years? Global Freezing. Nope. Global Incineration. Nope. Aw heck, THE CLIMATE IS CHANGING! Yes. Like it does on a yearly, decade, century, and millennial basis according to the science, that is, the science we’re told to follow (except when it doesn’t align with an agenda, right?). Historically, the climate has always varied (

But climate fluctuations and their actual causes are not the subject I want to address here. I’ll leave that to qualified, honest meteorologists, climatologists, and environmental scientists. I want to examine our Subdue and Rule Mandate as it relates to our relationship with our environment and how eco-radicals and politicians have used the Green movement to Conquer and Dominate their way into power and how they plan to do the same to remain in control.

On the one hand, the Green movement is a blessing, raising environmental awareness and offering reasonable guidelines. On the other hand, it’s become a curse. Extremist biocentrists have placed nature’s value above human life. Sadly, environmentalism has become an international refuge for scoundrels who have hijacked the movement to use it as a tool to push social engineering, a hyper-radical Marxist agenda, and the subjugation of people.

Frankly, their plans are as frightening as the previous topic on technology.

The Environmentalist’s View of the Root Problem

On December 26, 1966, Lynn White, Jr., a professor of history at the University of California, Los Angeles, delivered a lecture at the Washington D.C. meeting of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Lynn White’s statements became a cornerstone of the modern environmental movement.

White stated, “All forms of life modify their environment.” His examples included coral polyps and human beings. He continued that while coral benefitted its undersea environment by creating “a vast undersea world favorable to thousands of other kinds of animals and plants… surely no creature other than man has ever managed to foul its nest in such short order.” Through the lens of history, White contended that it was due to humanity’s drive to exploit our environment coupled with the rise of technology and science as formidable tools. But the fault lies not with technology and science. It’s humanity’s spiritual beliefs, particularly Christian ones, about our nature and destiny which deeply condition how we relate to our environment.

You can see White’s point coming a mile away. “What did Christianity tell people about their relations with the environment?... Man named all the animals, thus establishing his dominance over them. God planned all of this explicitly for man’s benefit and rule: no item in the physical creation had any purpose saved to serve man’s purposes” (italics author). White continued, “Christianity not only established a dualism of man and nature but also insisted that it is God’s will that man exploit nature for his proper ends.” White explained that paganism was much more tuned into nature, whereas Christianity regarded nature as its servant to be dominated. “By destroying Pagan animism, Christianity made it possible to exploit nature in a mood of indifference to the feelings of natural objects.” To be snarky here, do natural objects have feelings? But I digress.

That conclusion is White’s fundamental error. He paints Christianity as the exploiters, whereas it’s clear from the scriptures that God created us to steward His creation as priests would care for (work) and protect (watch, or guard) His sacred Temple (Genesis 2:15, Beale, Garden Temple). What God-loving and reverential Levitical priest would look at the Temple and his priestly duties as an opportunity to exploit God’s house for personal gain? Not one. That is unless that priest had become corrupt. That describes our post-Fall Conquer and Dominate drive to control and exploit, in various degrees, everything to our advantage, including other people.

White asserts that ecological disasters, today called climate change, are caused by the Christianity-based arrogance that we are the lords over nature. (But we are. Did he really read his Bible?) Instead, White proposed a democracy between humanity and nature, putting them on equal footing. He went even further. “We shall continue to have a worsening ecological crisis until we reject the Christian axiom that nature has no reason for existence saved to serve man.”

White was right in his historical assessment but wrong in his biblical conclusion. True, humanity has often abused the world environment in many ways. But it’s not because of our biblical Subdue and Rule Mandate, but our usurpation of it by turning it into a Conquer and Dominate reason to exploit God’s world. To right this naturalistic moral wrong, White said that humanity needs to “find a new religion or rethink our old one.” Again, he’s partially correct. We don’t need a new religion, but as Christians, we must rethink what it means to subdue and rule God’s creation. As the King’s viceregents, we’re to subdue and rule precisely as our King would. It’s that we don’t is the problem. It’s our way only, and that’s what creates the problem. The sad truth is we’ll continue to face ecological problems until we reject the humanistic and fallen humanity-based axiom that nature has no reason for existence save to serve man.

If Christians were to subdue and rule as our King intended, according to His character and will, we would be the best conservationists and environmentalists on the planet. Since we were made to image our King to the world, it’s our nature and job description to care for the environment, tame it, and manage it with God’s wisdom, grace, and love. But pride and sin have warped us, and we tend to exploit our environment and everything in it. However, when we’re born again, we reconnect to our King through His Holy Spirit. We’re once again learning how to be His representatives as we’re being formed into the image of our Father’s perfect Representative/Viceregent, Jesus (Romans 8:29). Therefore, born-again Christians should be the world’s best conservationists.

However, far too many environmentalists have concocted their own solutions to environmental problems apart from the Creator. By leaving Him out of the equation, rather than having a God-informed global stewardship mandate, the Green movement has become steeped in humanistic or pagan-based versions of stewardship, with humanistic and pagan solutions.

While White contended that Christianity used technology and science to further its religious justification to exploit nature, the irony is the radical environmentalists use their humanistic and pagan worldview to turn technology and science against humanity, justifying their passion to subjugate people to nature. Rather than solving the core issue of a perverted Subdue and Rule Mandate, the modern environmental movement continues under the perverted drive for domination: first, over the environment and second, over those who live in this environment.

Whereas humanity was meant to Subdue and Rule creation, the radical Green movement believes nature takes precedence over people. Thus, nature Conquering and Dominating humanity. Today’s eco-centric climate crazies place creation over humankind and humanity in subjection to nature. Ultimately, they want us not to do anything unless we get permission from the planet.

The modern environmental movement does more than urge people to rediscover our proper stewardship of the planet. For the extreme Greens, humanity must always bend the knee to creation when push comes to shove. This conclusion comes from modern environmentalism’s strong streak of nature worship in the form of serving Gaia, “the goddess of the earth. She was one of the primoridal (sic) elemental deities (protogenoi) born at the dawn of creation. Gaia was the great mother of all creation” ( Gaia/Earth worship has risen in lockstep with more extreme adherents of environmentalism, often making the Green movement more of a religion than a natural science promoting reasonable responsibility. But the Bible anticipated this, “Claiming to be wise, they became fools… They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served what has been created instead of the Creator, who is praised forever. Amen” (Romans 1:22, 25).

Earth Day began on April 22, 1970, “to provide a voice to this emerging environmental consciousness and putting environmental concerns on the front page” ( Today, Earth Day has become more than a day to raise ecological awareness. For some, Earth Day has become a pagan worship service, including “satanic rituals in order to commemorate Earth Day and demand that the people of the world sacrifice their prosperity and their livelihoods on behalf of Mother Earth” (

Sadly, some streams of environmentalism are a nexus between pagan and political agendas. At their core, both seek Conquer and Dominate control over humanity. The pagan side seeks creation’s dominance over humanity, and the political side seeks to control humanity under the guise of “saving the planet.” The ultimate goal is total control, the reason is environmental stewardship, and the means is inflicting radical laws, regulations, and agendas.

Hysteria = Emergency = Control

Climate Hysteria.

Fear is a terrific motivator, as the world once again learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. This shouldn’t surprise us because God already told Adam that fear would be the primary motivator for his post-Fall life. Adam would live “by the sweat of his brow,” worried whether the crops would be choked out by weeds or killed off by global cooling/warming/climate change.

Sorry. I lied about that last part.

But that same ancient environmental fear motivates humankind today. Add to that fear the Conquer and Dominate crowd’s lust for control, and tada – climate hysteria is born! As an internet news junkie, I read the screaming headlines almost daily. Combined with television, radio, podcasts, and print media, Western nations are saturated with eco-mania.

Modern climate hysteria has been with us since the birth of the Green movement. Hey, you have to yell to get people’s attention, right? Even more so if your goal is to push them into action, especially when your agenda grinds against someone else’s will and comfort. There was a time when such craziness was confined to cities, states, and countries. Now, the greenies and so-called leaders such as the World Economic Forum and the United Nations are pushing global panic by declaring a climate emergency, much as they did with COVID. For example,

“Run for your lives. Again. The U.N. has issued yet another global warming report that essentially says we’re doomed unless we revert to mud huts, subsistence farming, veganism and rickshaws. In fact, we may be doomed anyway, even if we drive all our gasoline-powered Fords into the ocean and walk home.” The March 2023 Washington Post’s dire summary (of the U.N report) states: “Human activities have already transformed the planet at a pace and scale unmatched in recorded history, the IPCC said, causing irreversible damage to communities and ecosystems. Yet global emissions continue to rise, and current carbon-cutting efforts are wildly insufficient to ward off climate catastrophe.” Hear the hysteria? “‘Climate disasters will become so extreme that people will not be able to adapt. Basic components of the Earth system will be fundamentally, irrevocably altered. Heat waves, famines and infectious diseases could claim millions of additional lives by century’s end,’ Post reporter Sarah Kaplan wrote while clutching her heart.” (, italics author)


The justification used to fuel the Green movement’s drive to Conquer and Dominate people is the always-declared “EMERGENCY!” As noted above, emergencies demand immediate decisions and actions, or humanity will suffer or die. Therefore, everyone must submit to the “experts” to avert catastrophe. Of course, this means that every person on the planet must be prepared to surrender everything, including personal liberty and property, to the elite – the WEF, UN, WHO, and the rest of the Conquer and Dominate globalists.

A climate emergency must be declared to justify driving the agenda forward regardless of anyone’s concerns or doubts over the approach. Crises cause fear, which resonates deeply with people. Like Adam, we fear we’ll lack what we need and die. So, the Conquer and Dominate crowd creates fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) and amplifies it via unending crises. And as Rahm Emmanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

That’s the process. Create a crisis, declare an emergency, present pre-planned steps to fulfill the agenda, and drive people into submission. It worked for the COVID pandemic, and it’s working with the climate hysteria.

Case in point, echoes other news outlets that reveal “Joe Biden is ‘close’ to signing an executive order to declare a ‘climate emergency,’ granting the Democrat president sweeping new powers to enforce lockdowns and other tyrannical measures in order to ‘save the planet’ from ‘global warming,’ a public policy think tank (The Heartland Institute) is warning” (, italics author).

There’s the crisis, the emergency declaration, and the justification. But what measures will be implemented to take control over the populous?

The article continues, “According to the Heartland Institute, ‘the signs are there’ that Biden will declare a ‘climate emergency’ that would see ‘gas rationing, restrictions on electricity use, and limits on air travel.’” The move would also place limits on meat and dairy consumption in order to meet the “Net Zero” goals of the globalist green agenda. There are some, but likely not all, of the control mechanisms desired. Now, all we need to identify are the culprits, err, the experts, behind this. “The Heartland Institute says insiders have revealed that the Biden administration has been working with the United Nations to prepare for the authoritarian restrictions. Amid the behind-the-scenes maneuvering, the UN’s website has just been updated with a new ‘climate emergency’ page. ‘The science is clear,’ the UN website states. ‘The world is in a state of climate emergency, and we need to shift into emergency gear.’”

There you have it. If it’s an emergency, any steps must be taken immediately to remedy it. That is, only if it’s a real emergency and not concocted by power-hungry groups like the United Nations and the WEF. All we need to do is remember what the governmental authoritarians did during the COVID-19 panic-demic when they screamed “Emergency!” and then quickly moved into tyranny mode, denying citizens freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom to move about (lockdowns), shutting down schools and churches, and destroying small businesses. continues, “A ‘climate emergency’ declaration could give Biden and the Democrats ‘vast and unchecked authority to shut down everything from communications to infrastructure,’ warns Stewart. ‘They can literally do exactly what they did in Covid.’” And don’t forget, emergency declarations can be extended for as long as the tyrants deem necessary.

So what are the authoritarian elites like the U.N., W.E.F., authoritarian politicians, and Green movement extremists proposing to combat the “climate crisis?” What follows is a short list of the sufferings they plan for all. Notice how their vision helps nature but always hinders humanity. But don’t worry. It’s for your good.

Conquer and Dominate Climate Control

Carbon zero. Since carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the primary culprit in alleged climate change (just forget about the sun and the natural earth cycles for now), the goal is to limit the amount of carbon humanity spews into the air until we reach net zero, “‘balancing’ or cancelling (sic) out any carbon we produce. We reach net zero when the amount of greenhouse gas we produce is no more than the amount taken away. Zero carbon concerns the emissions produced from a product or service – it means no carbon is given off at all (i.e., wind turbines)” (

Carbon zeroing has resulted in efforts to unilaterally and irrationally cut off fossil fuel production without reasonable green-energy replacements sufficient to fill the need. The point is to force people from their gas-powered cars into electric vehicles (If they can’t afford them, tough. Use public transportation, bike, or walk.), ban purchases of gas-powered outdoor equipment, and enact draconian regulations against natural gas-fueled stoves, furnaces, and other appliances which would affect residences and commercial operations. No, the authorities won’t take your appliances (yet), but the effect is the same. Taking control of personal choice forces everyone to meet the Big Green agenda.

Here’s a scary thought. Human beings emit carbon in the form of carbon dioxide when they breathe. When the climate elites say they want to reach carbon-zero emissions, you know a part of their real goal is depopulation, which I’ll cover shortly.

Greenwashing. “Greenwashing is when an organization spends more time and money on marketing itself as environmentally friendly than on actually minimizing its environmental impact. It’s a deceitful marketing gimmick used by companies to exaggerate their environmentally friendly actions” ( Greenwashing is a subtle form of Conquer and Dominate to control and manipulate buyers into purchasing goods and services from a company they’re led to believe is environmentally conscious but isn’t.

Greenwashing isn’t limited to businesses. Political greenwashing is when a politician does the same thing, spending more time and money on marketing themselves as environmentally friendly than minimizing their policies’ environmental impact. Under the guise of addressing the alleged climate crisis, politicians pass legislation and regulations that benefit themselves via campaign contributions from special interests and greenwashed companies while imposing increasingly stringent and harsh control measures on people.

Carbon allowances and carbon ration cards. During World War 2, our Federal Government put purchasing limits on certain high-demand items to conserve essential supplies (meat, tires, gas, sugar, coffee) needed for the war effort ( The war was a legitimate emergency, so emergency measures were implemented to control people purchasing those supplies.

Today, academics are floating the idea of carbon rationing during our current climate emergency to achieve net or zero carbon lives for every person. “Policymakers could introduce an all-encompassing carbon allowance, giving out ‘carbon cards’ like bank cards to track and limit usage. Alternatively, governments could ration specifically selected goods, such as flights, petrol, household energy, or even meat or clothing” ( Carbon rationing will be a way to “accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energy and more sustainable lifestyles” (Ibid.).

In other words, carbon rationing is a way to control the citizenry, dictated and legislated by governments, to force people into whatever nightmare lifestyle the elite desire to keep them in line. Rationing is denial, and denial is a form of control. Carbon rationing is greenwashed societal management.

“A limit could be imposed on the carbon each person pumps into the atmosphere under proposals being considered by the Government to combat global warming. A credit card-style trading system would ensure that people pay for air travel, electricity, gas and petrol with carbon rations as well as cash” ( The obvious questions are “Who determines how much a person actually “pumps into the air?” and “Who determines what people can buy and when or how to use it?” Not you, that’s for sure.

Repeat after me. “It’s not about controlling the climate. It’s about controlling people.”

Imposed lifestyle changes. The world faces radical lifestyle changes under the green tyranny of the Green movement, the WEF, the UN, and other bad actors. For example, “Andreas Malm, a left-wing Swedish climate writer, argues that, at a minimum, we should: stop building carbon-burning power plants; shut the existing ones down; end the expansion of air, sea and road travel and introduce a rationing system for transport; expand mass transit systems; switch urgently to locally grown food; dismantle the meat industry and switch to plant-based proteins; and pour money into carbon removal technologies… Energy-intensive industries such as steel will either have to be shut down or receive large state subsidies. Meat farming will end. Major airports such as Heathrow will probably end up being rewilded” (

While researching this topic, I was struck by utter selfishness and the Conquer and Dominate attitude often projected by radical environmentalists along the lines of “This is what I believe. Therefore, everyone must make radical sacrifices to reach my goals.” The sad part is that the tyranny of the greenwashed powerful, especially if they capture the majority, will never stop trying to impose their Conquer and Dominate eco-will on the world. All they need is the proper emergency.

Lockdowns. Speaking of emergencies, remember those convenient little COVID-19 lockdowns? The Conquer and Dominate crowd certainly does. The COVID pandemic was an excellent trial for locking down entire nations under the “Emergency!” rubric. We could call it “15 days to flatten the climate change curve.” Just 15 days, eh? Conquer and Dominate global leaders stretched the COVID social control experiment into two years and set a precedent. Don’t you think they’ll try that again in today’s climate (pun intended)?

Kristin Tate, opinion contributor for, says, “Political leaders have learned that fear prompts the public to accept dramatic curtailing of freedoms for vague promises of safety — they must realize the incredible power at their fingertips. COVID gave the government mouse a cookie, and power-hungry officials and bureaucrats can utilize the precedents of the past two years to institute a much longer, much more comprehensive lockdown” (

The climate crazies pushing climate crisis lockdowns seem to forget how debilitating and destructive the COVID lockdowns proved to be on the world economy and mental health. In 2020 alone, the World Bank estimated that “88 and 115 million people in the world (reached) a level of extreme poverty” ( But hey! At least the CO2 emission dropped by 7%, except CO2 saturation continued to grow (Ibid.). Oops.

But what the climate criers really desire and currently propose is total government control. Governments and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) will coordinate to restrict access to fossil fuels, travel, select foods (meat and milk), and utility energy usage and link it all to a climate passport/ration card. “To help track emissions, there’s a push for ‘carbon labelling’ (sic) that identifies the carbon footprint from making the product you are purchasing so you can track your climate impact. If you can easily track it, that means government and businesses with the right technology can track it too… How long before that becomes irresistible to politicians? And what happens if your carbon footprint is deemed too large? What if they don’t like what you’re buying?” (

Let’s simplify it. The goal is to physically, financially, and socially lock every person down and keep them under government control in the name of climate crisis. If you don’t toe the line, you’ll get nothing and like it.

How about this instead? Seeing that the global leaders screaming the loudest about climate change are dumping tons of carbon emissions into the air as they speed from climate conference to climate conference on their private jets, shouldn’t they be the first to be locked down under the “emergency climate crisis?” Shouldn’t all distraught climate crazies prove they’re genuine and willing to lead the charge by locking themselves in their homes as proper examples and models for the rest of the global population?

Ah, but what happens if individuals rebel against draconian lockdowns? What happens when your neighbor rats you out for using the fossil-fuel-powered weed whacker rather than the zero-emission electric one that runs on electricity (generated by fossil fuels)?

Criminal charges. How would you like to face criminal charges for “climate inaction?” After all, destroying the world through your selfish resistance to the climate cult endangers a whole world of people, making your rebellion a “human rights issue,” requiring harsh punishments per the WEF ( What?

Seriously, these people are flat-out psychopaths!

Oh, but it gets better (or worse, actually).

Depopulation. In the globalists’ minds, depopulation would do a world of good. A recent paper was published declaring that depopulating the earth would solve the climate emergency. See the World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency @

According to Scientific American, “A future with fewer people offers increased opportunity and a healthier environment… Declining populations will ease the pressure eight billion people put on the planet… population decline could help create a future with more opportunity and a healthy, biologically rich world” ( The writer rightly recognizes that every human needs “food, water, energy, and a place to call home.”

But because the global population is racing out of control and every person should “want to increase wealth equity (the underlying Marxism that has nothing to do with the environment) and quality of life (to be defined by those in charge),” it only makes sense to take steps to slow population growth down and celebrate population decline. Everyone will just have to accept living under a Marxist system, get used to aging societies, and welcome open borders with unchecked immigration to replace falling populations in some nations (again, a Leftist solution). Oh, and don’t forget to combine “reproductive rights (abortion) and gender equity movements (Leftist stuff), and the environmental movement” (Ibid.) At last, we have our man-made utopia because we’ve forced people to submit to the Marxist-Leftist Green Dream of global control.

But will depopulation work to achieve the environmentalists’ dream? Not all agree. Some researchers have lined up to challenge the 11,000 scientists’ conclusions and suggested remedies. The critics have labeled the proposal as “A bunch of white people in the developed world saying population should be reduced is the definition of an imperialist framing” (Arvind Ravikumar, assistant professor of energy engineering at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology). Joseph Majkut, a climate scientist and director of climate policy at the Niskanen Center, a think tank based in Washington, DC, says the suggestion is “highly problematic from a political standpoint. It feeds directly into the perception among conservatives that ‘climate science and its conclusions are the product of an ideological movement,’ one that prioritizes nature over humans.”

First, it may be argued that climate science and its conclusions are the product of an ideological movement. But judging by the words and works of the Green movement, it’s evident that climate science and its conclusions have been thoroughly commandeered and steered by that (Leftist) ideological movement. Second, it does prioritize nature over humans. Per the extremist Greens, nature mustn’t change or be changed (Subdue and Rule). People must change and submit to nature’s demands (Conquer and Dominate). If a few elites are needed at the top to ensure everyone cooperates, well, that’s just the way it has to be.

To show you how insane the climate crisis control freaks are, greenwashed Apple Corp. recently released an ad for its new iPhone ( A weird Mother Nature quizzes Apple executives, including CEO Tim Cook, on their quest to bring Apple’s carbon footprint to zero. One stated aim is to “permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere.”

And nobody in the ad batted an eye.

Really? Do the geniuses at Apple honestly believe that? How can we trust Apple regarding logical, reasonable solutions to their claimed climate crisis when they can’t get basic science correct? Eliminating all carbon from the atmosphere would kill global plant life, destroying the planet. And Mother Nature, who, in the ad, presumably knows all, is just as clueless because she lets the gross error slide.

These represent the deceived people who believe they can create a global Green Utopia.

Again, this isn’t about controlling the environment’s climate. It’s about controlling people under the guise of “controlling” nature. Grasp how ridiculous this is. The Green movement and its political, scientific, academic, and cultural adherents think they can control eight billion people and fallen human nature to recreate Eden. All this is just humanity’s misguided attempt to recreate Eden without God. And if they can’t convince people, they will force them.

Two recent plans are 15-minute cities and the C40 Cities experiment.

15-minute cities. On the surface, it’s a great idea. You can read for yourself ( It appeals to those who want to live in small communities, even within sprawling metropolitan areas. The idea is to create idyllic neighborhoods where almost everything anyone needs or wants is within a 15-minute walk, bike ride, or electric public transportation because cars are fossil-fuel-burning chariots of hell. The idea boils down to city planning based on the car vs. human being as if it can’t be both. But the climate crazies think cars and fossil fuels cause all climate sin, so we must choose one.

To make sure cars aren’t used, roads must be removed. “Making this happen requires concrete and innovative action which accounts for three key features: the rationale of the city should accommodate humans rather than cars, each square metre (sic) should serve many different purposes, and neighbourhoods (sic) should be designed so that people can live, work and thrive without having to constantly commute. Currently, the consensus is clear that this process will require solving two key challenges. First, the city would have to take street space away from cars, in order to give it back to pedestrians and cyclists. And second, the past century of urban planning orthodoxy, which has touted the benefits of segregating a city into zones with each section fit for a different function, needs to be rewritten” ( Of course, the article above refers to those who have questions about the 15-Minute City concept as “far-right conspiracy theorists,” which automatically controls the debate. Once a city removes roads, the leaders control mobility.

“But people can still use cars,” the advocates object. Sure, but controls will still be placed. Despite the charming suggestions, you can see they are control mechanisms. The proposal for Oxford, England, states, “People can drive freely around their own neighbourhood (Great!) and can apply for a permit to drive through the filters (What? I need to ask for permission to drive?), and into other neighbourhoods, for up to 100 days per year.”

So, you’re banned from driving for 265 days a year? “This equates to an average of two days per week (Oh, thank you, generous master!). The alternative is to drive out on to the ring road and then back in to the destination. A maximum of three permits a household will be allowed where there are several adults with cars registered to the address” (, italics author).

Paul Smith, spokesperson for the Oxfordshire County Council, rebuts the control argument. “‘Everywhere in the city will still be accessible by car,’ (he) wrote in an email (12/8/22). ‘Nobody will need permission from the county council to drive or leave their home.’” BUT “The ‘traffic filters’ are license plate recognition cameras, not physical barriers. From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., drivers in private cars will be automatically fined if they cross through the filters without a permit.”

Fines are not control mechanisms. Right.

For six years, I lived in a small town of 4,000 people. I could walk everywhere in about 15 minutes, but I often had to drive twenty minutes to the nearest city because our small town didn’t have everything I needed. Again, the 15-Minute City is a wonderful idea if that’s the way you choose to live and no one forces it upon those who don’t. That’s where a good Subdue and Rule idea turns to Conquer and Dominate. Furthermore, reasonable questions are based on people being gun-shy over the last lockdowns. Let’s be blunt. If a government decrees you must stay in a specific locale, i.e., your home, during COVID, what prevents them from physically locking down the population in 15-Minute City neighborhoods? The words are different, but the idea is the same – ghetto. Divide and conquer is a very effective tool for control.

The 14 C40 Cities experiment. Do you think such control craziness for the sake of the CLIMATE EMERGENCY won’t be imposed on people again? If you don’t live in one of the following cities already, imagine you live in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Seattle. Congratulations! These fourteen cities have signed you up for a grand climate correction experiment per the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

“Fourteen major American cities signed onto a globalist climate agreement with a truly dystopian goal for the country’s immediate future that includes eliminating meat and dairy consumption, private vehicle ownership, air travel, and clothing purchases” ( The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group’s “ultimate goal is ‘0 kg of meat consumption,’ ‘0 kg of dairy consumption,’ ‘3 new clothing items per year,’ ‘0 private vehicles,’ and ‘1 short-haul return flight (less than 1,500 km) every three years’ per person.

You read that right. No meat or dairy, only three new clothing items a year, no private vehicles, and only one short-haul flight every three years. That certainly doesn’t sound like a group of self-appointed leaders are forcing you into their agenda, does it? I’m sure all the elites will follow their own control measures, right? Oh, and they certainly wouldn’t sell carbon indulgences so that you can enjoy a few anti-climate pleasures on the sly. Don’t worry, though. You have six long years to prepare for your radically new, government-imposed lifestyle change because you have to be controlled in the name of the political, I mean, “climate,” emergency.

What’s sad is that more city councils and mayors will happily jump on the bandwagon because controlling people is irresistible to far too many government leaders.

Understand, the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group plan as implemented by these fourteen (for now) cities is not voluntary. If you live in any of the above cities, it’s already underway. I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly appreciate being forced into someone’s social experiment. Perhaps we should declare a Conquer and Dominate emergency and immediately confine all these globalists and climate crazies to a 15-minute city with the same restrictions they propose. I’m sure there’s an island available somewhere.

Subdue and Rule Solutions

By now, you should have a taste of what’s been happening, is happening, and what will happen if humanity continues to allow the Conquer and Dominate crowd to use our world to Conquer and Dominate humanity.

I won’t debate whether there are legitimate concerns about climate cooling-heating-changing-whatever. Despite all the din surrounding the alleged climate crisis, we should be concerned about the state of any part of God’s creation and whether we are taming, utilizing, developing, and stewarding it properly on behalf of our King.

That’s been our first assignment and is built into our nature. But when we remove God from the equation, we begin exploiting creation and using it as an excuse to control others. Sorry, Mr. White. Creation exploitation comes not from obeying God but from rebelling against Him.

Therefore, there is a legitimate call to stewarding the earth. But it cannot be effective without the first step, a foundational re-creation of each of us that transforms us into the viceregents and creation stewards God designed, authorized, and equipped us to be.

When the Green movement demands proof of our authority to steward the planet, read to them the following:

“The earth and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants, belong to the Lord” (Psalm 24:1)

“The heavens are the Lord’s, but the earth he has given to the human race.” (Psalm 115:16)

“God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it. Rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and every creature that crawls on the earth.’” (Genesis 1:28)

These three verses are the core of God’s global order: nature under humanity’s dominion and all creation under God’s dominion. Remember, the world was created in submission to humanity, not humanity to submit to creation.

So, be a good steward according to your convictions. Please don’t force them on others, and don’t be afraid to actively resist those who seek to control people via grandiose plans to recreate Eden on Earth.

Speaking of that, what do you think the climate crazies will say when God creates a new heaven and earth?


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Pastor Jay Christianson

The Truth Barista, Frothy Thoughts


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