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Solomon’s Pendulum - When Life Brings Change

I gotta admit, I’m mildly terrified.


Jeanne and I have sold our home in Minnesota! In just three days, we had 100+ showings, received 27 offers, and realized an excellent return for all our upgrades over the last seven years. Now, we’re set to relocate to beautiful, sunny Florida in early April.


My doctoral mentor, Dr. Cheryl Durham (who was instrumental in getting this ball rolling last November by yelling at me, “Listen to your wife!”) encouraged me that “it was a plan all just had to follow.”


To which I replied that it was stressfully amazing.


Emphasis on stress. Closely followed by amazing.


Change brings stress. Yes, I know that’s an awesomely profound revelation to you, dear reader, because I’m sure I’m the only one who has experienced life changes.


Okaaaay, we all live in this swimming pool of stress when changes fill it to overflowing. If you want to know how much stress you’re under due to change, check out the Life Stress Index Scale (link – Here are just some of mine right now, for what it’s worth:


#20 Mortgage over $20,000.


#22 Change in responsibilities at work.


#28 Change in living conditions.


#29 Revision of personal habits.


#32 Change in residence.


Change in residence only comes in at #32? Yes, I understand some of the higher ones, especially death in the family. I can’t imagine what two friends of mine are going through who just lost their husbands, one from COVID and one suddenly.


But 32nd place? Really? I would have expected it to be higher, the way I feel right now. At least higher than #23 Son or daughter leaving home. I was stoked to see my kids strike out boldly on their own as adults. They spread their wings and flew the coop. And, to be frank, even though Jeanne and I love our kids deeply, having the place to ourselves was nice. No conflicting day and night schedules, no collision of personal habits (another stressor on the list), and no arguments over which Marvel movie was the best or how badly the Star Wars movies composted in the prequels.


Ah, change. We can’t avoid it. We can only anticipate it and try not to be surprised when it comes, even though we feel like a shortstop out of position on a line drive. Sometimes we just have to dive to field the change and throw the oncoming stress out at first. Hopefully, we won’t make any errors to compound the stress. (It’s baseball season. I had to throw in a baseball analogy.)


Solomon had some very profound observations about the changes he had experienced throughout his life. One huge change is that he kept marrying women for political allegiance (and undoubtedly because he found some irresistible!) He had 700 wives and 300 concubines.


You would think this would be at the top of the Dartmouth Life Stress Index Scale.


Solomon was the man who had everything. But having everything didn’t and can’t prevent change. Change is constant. The only thing that doesn’t change is that change is inevitable.


I want to share a message with you about change called “When Life Changes – Solomon’s Pendulum” (


I think the podcast speaks better than what I can write here. I pray that when change comes to you, you know that the Lord is right with you, helping you through the stress that comes with change, as I know He is with Jeanne and me. I’ve realized again that taking one step at a time through change helps when affixed to the assurance that Jesus is close and has everything under His control.


Be at peace if you’re going through such a time right now. The Lord knows and cares.


And speaking of pools, I’m looking forward to de-stressing in the pool at our new home!

Pastor Jay Christianson

The Truth Barista, Frothy Thoughts


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