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Solomon’s Judgment on the United States?

Remember the Bible Story of the two Prostitutes and the Baby? As you know, they both had a child. During the night, one prostitute rolled over and smothered her baby to death. So, she quietly crept over to her compatriot's bed and swapped babies, leaving the dead baby with the other and taking the live one for herself. Why would she do such a thing? Because the babies were male. Around the world, a male child is looked upon as the support-system for a single mom or an aged parent. The wicked mother lost the potential of future support. So, she was cold-heartedly and callously willing to deprive the rightful mom of her future support, which would leave her utterly destitute.

To the rightful mom, this baby was something to be cherished and loved. Sure, the child would be a help to her later on, but this would be a by-product of their mutual love and affection. To the wicked mom, this baby was nothing more than a cash-cow. There was no love and affection, simply a selfish desire to keep her in a good lifestyle. There is no doubt in my mind that this child would simply serve as her slave and would be abused since there was no true motherly bond from the outset.

In the morning, the mother of the living child went to care for her baby and found it was dead. Upon closer inspection, she realized it wasn't her child. How? Because every mom instinctively knows her own child. She knows its look, feel, movements, breath, and overall presence. So, she appeals to Israel's Supreme Court - King Solomon. Both state their cases, but the king is not able to judge who the right mother is based on she said, she said arguments. So, he figures out a way to uncover evidence … human nature.

He calls for a sword and tells the swordsman to divide the child and give half to each mother. That's fair, right? The false mother tells him to go ahead and do it. The true mother screams in terror and tells Solomon to spare the child's life even if it means the child becomes the property of the wicked person. Solomon declares the terror-stricken mom who is ready to sacrifice all for the sake of her child's life to be the true mom and justice prevails. Why did this work? Human nature. A true mother is willing to risk all for her child. The false mother was willing to see death and destruction dealt out because, "If she can't have a baby, no one else will."

The time is coming when the U.S. will be the baby, the two mothers are competing philosophies and the two camps that own them, and Solomon is the Lord. Our nation has been built on two conflicting ideas: 1) Under the Mayflower Compact, this nation was dedicated to King James, dedicated to God, and the advancement of the Gospel. Since King Jimmy is dead, this leaves dedication to God and the advancement of His Kingdom, through the propagation of the Gospel, which shapes peoples' hearts and minds. From this root comes the understanding that this truly is a nation built on Judeo-Christian thought and action. 2) Because our nation was born in rebellion and independence, that thread of influence has woven its way into the fabric of our society. We are rugged individuals who, if we remain in a spiritually unregenerate state, are set to reject God and His leading. Instead, we choose to replace God with ourselves and His Kingdom (leading) with our government.

In a time of darkness over this land, perhaps an economic collapse or terror strike or invasion or something, part of our nation will die. Those in power will grasp at the life remaining in our nation to claim it as their own so they can continue to live in ease. They will seek to enslave everyone else for their own continued support. They will abuse the people of this nation because they have no bond with the people or this land. That is human nature. "If my stuff is ruined, I will take your stuff for myself and ruin you, even if it means the total destruction of what we both want."

I believe that at that time two sides will lay claim to this land - the ones who destroyed it in the first place and those who seek to preserve it as originally dedicated to God. The Judge will stand and call forth the threat of division. If division comes, our land will be utterly destroyed, and all will be lost. What was once a great nation will become slaves to the false mother to be whipped into servitude for their own support. Those who are the false mother are self-centered, selfish, and won't care about anything except their own goodies. They have no bond with this nation. It simply is to serve their purposes and make them feel good. It is there as window dressing to give them the appearance of being a responsible parent, but in the end they really don't care. You get no sense from the story that the wicked mother even grieved for her own child. This division will kill the United States for good.

I see those who are the good mother crying out in despair to see ‘their baby,’ our nation and all it once stood for, its hopes and dreams, threatened with death. They will prove their true bond and mother's heart for this nation BY BEING WILLING TO SURRENDER THE NATION TO THE TAKERS. THEY WOULD RATHER BE DEPRIVED AND SEE THEIR NATION SURVIVE IN SOME LIMITED FORM THAN DIE ALTOGETHER.

I believe the Lord Himself will arise and give the gift of this great nation to the true mother and send the wicked one away. The Lord give gifts to those whom He knows will be responsible to the covenant originally set with Him at the foundation of our nation. How this will work out, I'm not sure. What I do sense is that when the threat of division comes, the nature of the division will show who are the true stewards of the Lord's great gift, and who are simply usurpers who look to God's gift as their own possession to abuse for their own pleasure. We must be willing to listen to the Lord, follow His lead, and be willing to surrender the ‘baby’ for a moment.

I'm not advocating lying down in the face of attack. Generally speaking, we have the duty to defend our friends and our families. Specifically speaking, I think this applies to a set time when a sifting will occur in our nation to purge the destructive philosophy which has bred so much evil from a nation that was meant to be God's blessing to the world. Yes, we have done many great things in the past. And yes, we have done and are doing many horrendously unrighteous things. Perhaps killing millions upon millions of babies shows that the wicked mom is in charge?

The Truth Barista, Frothy Thoughts


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