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Pray for Righteous Judges, Especially on the Supreme Court!

“I will restore your judges to what they once were, and your advisers to their former state. Afterward you will be called the Righteous City, a Faithful City.” (Isaiah 1:26)

For years, forces that seek to impose their will on the American people have used our court system to achieve forced compliance to their will in spite of the will of the people through voting or the proper function of the President through proper executive orders or the Congress through proper legislation.

In this section of Isaiah 1, the Judge of all the earth has indicted Israel of her sin. However, He pleads with Israel to turn and return. In doing so, He will forgive her, cleanse her, make her right, and interestingly enough, restore righteous judges who will not pervert justice, but guide the people along paths of righteousness and faithfulness.

Why do opposing forces of our day want sole control of our Supreme Court? So that they can pervert justice, keep us wrong before God, ensure that we are unrighteous and unfaithful, inviting God's judgment upon us.

One of the hallmarks of God's blessing is giving us righteous judges and one of the things that invites God's blessing is righteous judgment.

I am more and more convinced the Lord is giving our nation a chance to repent and turn to Him by giving us leadership, while they are not perfect, still moves us toward Him.

Pastor Jay Christianson

The Truth Barista, Frothy Thoughts


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