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Peace Partner? Really?

The ‘peace partner’ Israel has to contend with makes demands for peace that includes demanding all you own, your demise, and then reaching across the table to punch you in the face any time you won't capitulate to their demands.

Yes, that's Israel's Palestinian ‘peace partner.’

There are many good Palestinian people who have no problem living alongside Israel and also under Israeli government. Sad to say, there are not many of those in Palestinian leadership.

The Bible says that God gave the land to Israel for their home. Even though He removed them from their land twice (Babylonian Exile 586 B.C. and Roman Exile A.D. 70/135) the land still belongs to God. He is bringing His people back to it as a prelude to completing His prophetic plan which revolves around Israel's existence and activity.

God's spiritual enemy does not want that plan to succeed. Satan can't stop it, but he will try to delay it and try to subvert it. But God will prevail without breaking a sweat.

However, seeing how horrendous a ‘peace partner’ Israel faces and how the leadership resorts to threats, violence, and terrorism, you can guess who really propels the clashes.

The Truth Barista, Frothy Thoughts


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