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I Have an Inkling

As the Truth Barista, I had a fantastic discussion with Bill Koenig, author of ‘Eye To Eye: Facing The Consequences of Dividing Israel.’ Read his book and be astounded by the FACTS.

One of the most fascinating points we discussed was how circumstances that led to catastrophes ramped up PRIOR to a U.S. decision pressuring Israel about their covenant land. The Oakland fires in 1991 followed on the heels of a great drought.

Okay, here are two developments that I feel (yup - in my spirit) are related and are set-ups by God for a coming decision to pressure Israel once again:

1) There is a huge drought that has developed in the Southwest United States. "The Lord God showed me this: “The Lord God was calling for a judgment by fire. It consumed the great deep and devoured the land." (Amos 7:4)

2) Calexit movement - the secession of California (dividing the land away from the United States) and the concurrent movement to split California into three states (north, Los Angeles region, central with San Diego).

This could be nothing ... but I ask the Lord to bring things across my desk to let me know where we're at and where we're headed. If I'm wrong … GREAT! Who wants a catastrophe? If I'm right … keep your eyes on the news out of Washington.

Pastor Jay Christianson

The Truth Barista, Frothy Thoughts


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