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Drop the Label or Embrace It!

Go ahead, read the article. Here's what struck me the most. Read through her profile and see if you catch it. Go ahead … I'll wait.


Did you catch it?

Blah, blah, blah ..."never married"

... blah, blah, blah ... "Want kids: No, but it's okay if my partner has kids”

... blah, blah, blah ... "Drink: Social drinker"

... blah, blah, blah ... "Smoke: No way"

... blah, blah, blah ... "Religion: Christian/Catholic"


You're cheating on your husband, violating vows which you took before God Himself, and have the nerve to call yourself a Christian?

This is not a momentary "oops" the kind of inadvertent careless sin we all commit or an individual purposeful sin most (if not all) of us succumb to at times.

No. This was a thought-out and planned sin by virtue of posting an invitation to adultery on a dating site.

So, I see two choices. 1) Stop sinning and reconcile with your husband and the God whose name you claim, or 2) Stop calling yourself a Christian and bringing shame on His name.

Yes, this applies to me, you (dear reader), and all of us who claim the name of Jesus-follower. Enough of this game-playing. If you don't want to live by God's rules, stop bringing shame to Jesus and the rest of His devoted disciples … drop the name claim. If you do want to live Jesus' way, then drop the sin and live by His commands.

Good news! If you repent, whoever you are, Jesus will freely forgive, cleanse you, and give you all the strength and help you need to get on the path. If you don't know Jesus, simply ask and He will reveal Himself to you and you will find a satisfaction that sin can never give you!

Pastor Jay Christianson

The Truth Barista, Frothy Thoughts


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