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Dividing the Child

A firestorm was set off by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's comment indicating favor for babies to be killed outside the womb … infanticide, plain and simple. Furthermore, New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill decriminalizing the killing of a pre-born baby up to the moment of delivery.

This is appalling … and it shocked the nation.

It also revealed the insanity, callousness, greed, and craving for power by the Left and enshrined in the Democrat Party.

Out of fear that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's health is failing, and that President Trump will nominate a conservative Supreme Court Justice to replace her, the Democrats/Left have gone totally apoplectic.

They seek to ensconce abortion rights in various state's constitutions, so if a case comes to the Supreme Court with a bona fide conservative majority and it strikes down Roe v. Wade thereby affirming the life of the pre-born child, the states will claim "states rights" and defy the federal government.

They're already defacto doing it by declaring (not through law, but Governor fiat) sanctuary states/cities against federal, state, and local laws. Which reveals much about the tyrannical Left.

They use the Supreme Court to overturn every state's laws when it's to their advantage and agenda:

However, when it comes to laws the Left doesn't like, they just thumb their noses at them. Why? Because the Left is fundamentally lawless. Why? Because the Left is fundamentally godless … the State is their god.

If Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg resigns or dies and President Trump's conservative pick makes it onto the Supreme Court bench, will this issue of abortion be the knife edge that divides our nation?

Will the Left choose to separate from the Union on a societal, state, or regional basis due to being denied their power, campaign funds, and their radical agenda by restrictions on abortion?

Apparently, they are so panicked by the possibility of ANY infringement on their ideological territory that they are going well past the line of sanity into infanticide insanity.

And the country is going crazy. Even this is a line too far.


Hopefully, this will be the wake-up call for the United States, showing how pathological the Left really is … kill all (abortion, euthanasia, infanticide) … take all (70-90% tax rates) … "flip off" all.

The Torah (Moses' Law) often shows a measure-for-measure standard of justice ... kill and be killed.

Maybe this is what I was seeing … God will allow the question of killing a child to determine whether this nation lives or dies. If we continue dividing and crushing babies' bodies, will the national body be divided and crushed?

I hope and PRAY the nation finally wakes up again to God and returns to Him. He forgiveness is far beyond what we can ask or hope for. Even such egregious bloodshed can be atoned for through Jesus. But we must turn to Him.

He's opened our eyes. May He give us grace to turn.

Pastor Jay Christianson

The Truth Barista, Frothy Thoughts


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