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A Prophecy of Minnesota's Buried Treasure?

I'm a firm believer in weighing prophecies. If they don't come true, they're not from God. If they do, they are. (Caveat - sometimes God changes His mind. See Jonah and Nineveh. But this is not the normal pattern.)

I was preparing to help lead worship at a conference. I was suddenly impressed with a picture of a granite mountain. At the base of the mountain, there was an opening similar to the one in the picture above (Helm's Deep, Lord of the Rings). It was an access point to the depths of the mountain and it had vertical iron bars making it impassable.

I was impressed that under the mountain there are VAST stores of gold, silver, nickel and a wealth of resources. It was, however, inaccessible.

As I processed this, I saw an earthquake shake the mountain and the shaking broke open the granite which allowed miners access to the huge amount of resources. And then came the word.

(Paraphrase. The idea is accurate.)

1) There is a vast store of wealth under the iron range in northern Minnesota. However, it is buried so deep and under such great layers of granite that it is economically impossible to attempt to mine it. So it remains.

2) Minnesota is in default of the many treaties it has made with the native Americans in this state. God is a God of covenants and expects covenants to be honored. Because of these broken covenants, the Lord has held back this wealth until Minnesota honors the treaties to the satisfaction of both sides.

3) When this happens, the Lord will cause an earthquake or some such event to open up access to these vast stores of resources as a reward for faithfulness. This will come at a time of great national emergency when economic resources are needed in the midst of an economic collapse. Minnesota will become an economic life-preserver for the nation.

4) Politicians MUST be prevented from coveting these riches and squandering them as they are wont to do. These resources are God's provision for the entire nation, not a few individuals or groups. A wise council must be created to properly steward this gift from God for this troubled time.

5) This release will not happen until the official representatives of Minnesota fulfill their obligations to the official representatives of every tribe with whom these covenants were sealed.

(End of prophetic insight)

So, here's the fun part! My friend and worship leader, Tom Gibson, got me in touch with a guy who works(ed) with the Department of Natural Resources who confirmed that there are indeed TONS of iron, nickel, silver, gold, etc. resources in the Iron Range (northern Minnesota) but it is too deep and covered with granite to get to it. It's just not feasible.

I pray that when the time comes, we will honor our word and the Lord will honor His. Perhaps many lives will be saved and the Lord will get the glory!

Pastor Jay Christianson

The Truth Barista, Frothy Thoughts


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