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A Civil War in the United States?

The Lord laid on my heart the story of King Solomon and the dividing of the baby (1 Kings 3:16-28). In short, two prostitutes both had baby boys at about the same time. Not long after the births, one prostitute rolled over her son in her sleep and smothered it. Waking up and seeing the dead boy, she took the body and swapped it with the living child of the other prostitute. When the other prostitute awoke, she realized what had happened and confronted the mother of the dead boy. A real mother recognizes her own child, right?

The first prostitute brazenly insisted that the live baby boy was hers and the dead baby boy was the other mother's son. So, the case went to King Solomon for judgment.

Solomon heard both women claim the live son as theirs. So, Solomon called for a sword and declared he would divide the child and give a half to each mother. The wicked prostitute who was no mother to the child said that was fine with her. The prostitute who was the real mother and embraced the truth was willing to surrender the child even if it meant losing him and condemning the son to be raised by a wicked woman. Solomon was banking on true maternal love to reveal the true mother. He gave the baby to the second woman.

Here's some background. Why was the living baby boy coveted by the wicked woman when hers was dead? Both women were prostitutes. Had they been married and supported by a husband, there would have been no reason to support themselves by selling their bodies. As we all know, we age and lose that physical appeal over time and (and in the prostitutes' case) use. Faced with a loss of income in the future, a single mom would rely on her son to support her until she died. Therefore, a baby boy to one mom was an object of love. To the other woman, her baby boy was a future cash cow.

Of course, the wicked woman would be willing to sacrifice the other woman's son. If she couldn't have the child, then neither would the other woman. Heartless, cold, cruel was she. She was willing to make the real mom suffer at the loss of her son whether alive or dead.

The righteous woman was willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of the love of her life … her living son and possibility of future help.

See it?

"So what?" you might ask.

As I reflected on this Bible story, I believed the Lord showed me something.

There are two sides in the United States. One side looks at the United States as a cash cow. The other side loves the nation that God birthed over 230 years ago. The Lord will allow a tough (terrible) time in the United States that will bring a threatened division of this nation. One side does not care if the United States is destroyed. They want it all for their future or they be willing for its complete destruction … they care not which way it goes. The other side will be faced with a choice … surrender the United States to the other side out of love for its continued existence or let it die.

I believe the Lord will deny the "wrong, wicked" mother and recognize the "right, godly" mother who has a heart for the United States as He has. The wicked mother will be denied (perhaps even driven out) and the real mother will be given the child to nurture, even as a future source of blessing to her and many others.

I think given the calls for secession and speculations and even calls for civil war, this day is rapidly approaching. I think those who love this nation will be faced with an impossible choice … surrender this nation to the wicked and see it survive in some exploited way or see God cleave it to death. Only when the loving choice is made will the real "mothers" be revealed and rewarded with stewardship of this amazing nation.

At least, that's the way I see it.

Pastor Jay Christianson

The Truth Barista, Frothy Thoughts


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