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Jesus Speaks to His Churches, Series

Jesus Speaks to His Churches … Then and Now, Part 1

The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry launch into a new series on the 7 Churches of Revelation 2-3 and what Jesus said to them. These early congregations were facing enormous struggles – persecution, lukewarmness toward Jesus, prosperity, deprivation, and other deep challenges. Jesus’ Words to them speak just as powerfully to us today as they did 2,000 years ago!

Jesus Speaks to His Churches  … Ephesus The Lost Love Church, Part 2

The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry examine Jesus’ Words to His followers at Ephesus. How do they measure up? They’ve lost their fervent, devoted love for Jesus. Once that happens, life with Jesus often gets set on “cruise control,” we take Him for granted, and we start to move toward the world. We need to repent and fans the flames of our first love!

Jesus Speaks to His Churches … Smyrna and Pergamum : Persecution and Compromise, Part 3

Jesus promised that His followers will be persecuted. This has been proven throughout history and is increasing in our day. Sadly, too many Christians in the Western world compromise in the attempt to escape attacks. The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry discuss two contrasting churches – Smyrna, the persecuted Christians and Pergamum, the compromised congregation.

Jesus Speaks to His Churches … Smyrna and Pergamum : Persecution and Compromise Continued, Part 4

The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry continue their discussion on what compromise means for Christians and church bodies, and why it harms our relationship with God. Christians must resist the temptation to compromise with the world and learn to recognize what is or isn’t compromising.

Jesus Speaks to His Churches … Thyatira, the Corrupt Church, Part 5

The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry move from discussing the Compromised Church to Thyatira, the Corrupt Church. Because the Thyatira congregation tolerated outright sin and other violations of God’s commands, a spiritual infection, a Sin-fection, has taken hold. If not addressed, the congregation is sliding toward spiritual death. Jesus’ solution? Repent, Thyatira!

Jesus Speaks to His Churches … Sardis, the Dead Church, Part 6

What happens when we compromise God’s word as our guide to life? Compromise. What happens when we repeatedly compromise? Corruption. What happens when corruption takes over? Death. The Truth Barista and Amazing Larry follow sin’s influence from Smyrna (Compromise) to Thyatira (Corruption) to Sardis, the Dead Church. Sadly, there are too many churches in the Western world that fall on this spectrum. What’s the remedy? Exactly what Jesus speaks to them.

Jesus Speaks to His Churches … Philadelphia, the Faithful Church, Part 7

“Well done, good and faithful servant!” What Christian doesn’t want to hear those words when we stand before Jesus to give an account for our lives? What a remarkable commendation from our King! In this episode, we move from Sardis, the Dead Congregation, to Philadelphia, the Faithful Congregation. Despite trouble and persecution, the Philadelphia congregation stayed tight with Jesus. Are you faithful to Jesus? Are you full of faith (trust) and are you showing it to the world?

Jesus Speaks to His Churches … Laodicea, the Lukewarm Church, Part 8

Imagine Jesus saying to you and your congregation, “All of you make me sick. I don’t care how busy you are with ‘church work,’ it means nothing to Me. You all need some serious help. Get it together or you’re done!” This message is great for us today because our zeal for Jesus tends to cool off over time. Take the challenge and may Jesus ignite your fire for Him!

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