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Are We in The End Times? Series

Are We in The End Times? Part 1

What with worldwide pestilences, wars, saber-rattling between China and the United States, food shortages, and the very real risk of global famine … why you'd think it was TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It)! Many people think so and they may be right. BUT, signs are not what we should be looking for. We should be looking for SPECIFIC MARKERS. Daniel gave us specific markers to clearly indicate the time of the End and Jesus affirmed them. Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry go through the sure markers and the signs that surround them. This will blow you away!

Are We in The End Times? Part 2

Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry continue their Friday Bible study on the question, "Are We in The End Times?" Jay and Larry begin their identification of God's End Time "markers" with the Book of Daniel. You CAN'T understand Jesus' End Times teachings (or major parts of Revelation) if you don't understand Daniel's prophecies. ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?

Are We in The End Times? Part 3

God IS going to establish His Kingdom on earth. How do we know that? The Lord clearly revealed it to Daniel in a couple of revelations over his lifetime. He revealed to Daniel a succession of human kingdoms on earth, three of which are easily identified and a 4th whose identity is in dispute. These kingdoms HAVE come to pass and one of them is going to reappear in the End Times to create havoc on earth. These four kingdoms are big "markers" along the path of God's prophetic revelation. But there are other significant markers, one of which is revealed in this episode - the Tamid or Daily sacrifice. Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry take a dive into Daniel's 7th and 8th Chapters to look at God's unfolding End Times revelation. Are you ready to dive deeper?

Are We in The End Times? Part 4

Why don't many pastors preach about the Biblical End Times? In truth, the topic is NOT SAFE! It takes time and training to educate oneself about eschatology. And even if a pastor does so, preaching on the End Times is a minefield of discussion and dispute and that is a fearful thing to a pastor whose main goal is to maintain peace. The topic itself is a SCARY topic about an UNSAFE and INSECURE time for God's people. Yes, God wins, but turmoil and persecution are promised for His people! Jay the Truth Barista shares MARKERS and SIGNS to help us understand whether we're in the End Times or not without the fear factor!

Are We in The End Times? Part 5

At last! The final episode which reveals and sums up the markers of God's prophetic End Times plan first revealed through Daniel and affirmed by Jesus. Jesus' End Times talk in Matthew 24 (also Mark 13 and Luke 21) touches on the simple and clear markers that signal the final countdown to His return. Two major markers have already occurred: (1) Israel becoming a nation in 1948 and (2) Jerusalem coming back under Jewish rule in 1967. A confirming sign is the repopulation of Israel's land as multitudes of Jews have returned home and are still returning. We are definitely in the prophetic "pipeline!" But there are still a few stunning markers yet to occur! Are you watching Jerusalem? Are you ready?

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