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A New Look at New, Series

A New Look at New, Part 1

Old versus new patches, old versus new wineskins … what the heck is Jesus talking about? Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry take on this remarkably tough to understand lesson. The key is to understand what Jesus meant by “old and new.” For this, we need to understand the Greek words and the Hebrew ideas blended within the text.

A New Look at New, Part 2

Old versus new patches, old versus new wineskins. What does Jesus mean? He’s comparing the Pharisees’ teachings versus His “new” (but actually, old) and how they are both trying to reach out to the backsliding sinners of their day.

A New Look at New, Part 3

How do we understand Jesus when He talks about old versus new patches, old versus new wineskins? We have to know which word for “new” is used in the text and the cultural context of Jesus’ discussion with the Pharisees about what is proper teachings and practices to help backsliders return to God.

A New Look at New, Part 4

What prompted Jesus’ discussion of new versus old patches and wineskins? It was both His and the Pharisees’ passion to reach the “sinners” or backsliders of their day. These “sinners” were Jews whose relationship with God was lax and needed reviving. Jesus’ teachings matched His Father’s Torah, not the Pharisees’ teachings. His was a “new” take on the “old” Law.

A New Look at New, Part 5

“Therefore,” he said to them, “every teacher of the law who has become a disciple in the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom treasures new and old” (Matthew 13:52). What does this mean in light of Jesus’ parables of new patches on old cloth and new wine in new/old wineskins? You’ll be surprised with this “new” look at a “renewed” Law of God!

A New Look at New, Part 6

What makes the New Covenant new? It’s not a brand new, never-before-existing covenant. It’s the Old Covenant made new – Covenant 2.0, so to speak. But it comes with a “new heart and spirit,” an indwelling Holy Spirit, and an implanted Law of God that is easier to understand and follow because of how God “re-news” us.

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